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The price of your designs

As an aspiring fashion designer sooner or later you will meet somebody willing to buy and manufacture your designs. This is a turning point for your career: turning your hobby to something that brings you funds. It is a big moment and it is better to be prepared for it.

I sold my first painting  the age of 16 for $10 and I spent over 40 hours working on it. I don’t want this to happen to you. It is important to know how much money you deserve for your efforts of designing and drawing your ideas.

How much time I will spend on the design

It matters if you are selling a doodle you’ve done in the train on your way home or  you’ve spent hours reading art history books, making your research and created the design as a result of many days working. The more efforts you’ve put – the more it costs.

What media will I use to create the image?

A factor is also the media you’ve used to create your art. A sketch made with a set of color pencils for $8 would cost less than a sketch made with markers set for $150. The materials are something you need to calculate in the price. This includes the drawing materials (pens, watercolors, pencils) , the paper and the extra materials ( like glitter, textile or anything you like to add to your drawings).

For how much would this garment sell in the shops?

Consider how many pairs of your design will be produced and how much is it likely to be valued in the shops. In 90% of the occasions it would be offensive to sell the design for less than 2x the price of the garment in the stores.

Example 1 : you design a summer dress. Similar dresses are selling for $30 in the stores. When a big manufacturer comes to you and wants to buy your design to sew and sell it in the stores the minimum you should ask for is $60. Why? Because he will produce hundreds of your design. He will sell 100 x $30 . Probably a lot more. If you decide you can go higher than $60 but not lower, okay?
Example 2 : you design a gorgeous, unique evening gown. Your client is a store for one of a kind gowns.  You know that their prices start at $500. In this case you can not sell your idea for $1000. Why? No matter how outstanding your design is every business goal is to make profit :)

These were just a few rules to keep in mind. Don’t sell your talent cheap. Don’t be afraid to lose a client because if you are good at what you do more clients will keep coming. Believe me – they will !

It took me years to learn to value my work and I would be happy if I can save you the bitter taste of selling your art for less than it’s worth!


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  1. I am a good designer and i want to sell my designs can u buy my designs

  2. Hello
    I have had drawing talent since my childhood,and also i working in design for years please give me a chance to make my dream true and correct me


  3. Hi
    I’m Jenni.. im very much interested in dress designing nd painting. I can give u a best design as per ur desire if any one wants paintings nd designs please contact me .. this s my mail id..ricsaha855@gamil.com

  4. Hello!
    I want to sell my designs. I can make paintings, designs of clothes, bed sheets and many other. Please give me a chance to explore my talent. I’ll be grateful to you.

  5. Hi I have dress dezine …give me a chance for show you dress dezines…dress dezines ideas my god gifted …plz give me a chance

  6. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am very talented in woman dress design. I love to have the chance to see my ideas in real world before I die. My brain with lots of simply beautiful dress pasterns ever. Simply trust me leave it to me!


    Call me on +1 647 994 9010

  7. Hey i m garima and i m just 16. I have seen your website it’s quite interesting. I love to sketch nd i m interested in fashion too. I would like you to see my sketches once plz Contact me. my no. -7982509311 and i am sure that you will like my sketches.

  8. I just wonder where to sell my design online since I have no skills in fashion only have a few skill in drawing

  9. Hiii..my name is Kiran i am from india.i have best idea to draw sketches.i definitely make good desgine for your company. Please contact me.

  10. Hi I’m a Filipino student fashion designer sketcher and I have a lot of designed .. And please I hope you believed in me. Thank you

  11. I have some sketches for years now and would just like them to be seen, to get a feed back, wether positive or negative. I just found the inspiration at that time to sketch and so i put pen to paper, its nothing of any perfection but just need it to be seen.

  12. Hi..my name is Surbhi Kakkar and i m from india…i m a fashion designing student and still doing with course so i have no experience…how can i sell my designs online???

  13. Hi my nameis Annele am from South Africa and am selling my sketches of dresses.. For further more contact me on +27 737 072 028

  14. Hi there. I’m ritu n in from india. I love drawing sketches of beautiful dresses n as well as of evening gowns… they look way too good…..but the problem is i dont know how can I earn some money by using these??? Please help me…. n thanks for your advice❤

  15. Hello Jen,

    You can contact me if you clock on CONTACT in the main menu.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  16. I need sketches for an athletic line both men and women. You have anything

  17. How can I contact you

  18. Hello madam, i would like to ask if their is any way for me to sell the designs i made, it consist of sexy, beautiful and usually has this very unique and traditional feel that i picked up during my travels, nature or emotions i cant explain by words. The reason i cannot sell the designs that i made is the fact i am in age that doesn’t really pleases everybody, i am 13. Which really creates a huge barrier for me to do the things i love. I would be glad if you able to help if you cant that is okay too. :)

  19. sir / madam if i want sell my design of dresses what i do and how sell my design online . plz give me guide lines . i have design of dress and jewellery.

  20. Hi i am now processing some Indian designs for females, if anyone is interested to see my collection please email me @pdularie@yahoo.com will have actual pics of the design once its done and not sketches .

  21. Hi my name is Rahma I’m from algeria
    I need to sale my design (dresses ),my draws are unique and pretty please if you want to bay some connect with me on my email rahmaba176 @gmail.com

  22. Hello my name is rahma and i have some great designes

  23. Hello, I will be sending few designs for your reference. Please do check. .

  24. Hello madam….I am 18 and I am from Bangladesh. I just have passed 12th grade . I would love to work for u. I dont have any work experience in fashion industry but designing clothes is my passion so I think I can help u if you want.I can show you some of my designs . Contact me if you are interested.

  25. i design female clothes and a lot of cute, sexy dresses and tops with bottoms to go with them. I would like to collab on designing with you.

  26. Hi Hadisa,

    Do you have a portfolio? What is your job experience and education?
    For some tips on how to start check out these blog posts also:


  27. Hello,
    I’m starting my own fashion e-commerce specializing in female fashion. I have some ideas of my own but I would love to work with a passionate and talented designer to put towards my first collection. I’m looking for designs of dresses and tops that will attract females between the ages of 18-30, clothes that can make them feel sexy but also fits perfectly on their skin. Please let me know your designs fit what I’m looking for, I’m more than willing to look at at portfolios you may have – suzib293@gmail.com

  28. Hi my name is Hadisa and I’m from Macedonia I want to sell sketch of dresses but I don’t know how! Please can you help me ?

  29. teya u know, i can organize any event, can draw various sketches, can also do directing for advertisements and movies but really waiting for opportunities to come my way..

  30. hii maguie,, can u plz giv me an opportunity to show up designs

  31. hii shantell,. i have been a creative designer nd writer.. since my childhood.. so i have drawing sketches of fashionable and attractive clothes which could hit the market into profits,.. i would really like to sell u my sketches if required.. hence contact me asrahunk@gmail.com

  32. Hello dear,
    The book is an ebook and can be purchased from anywhere in the worlds since it’s a digital copy. Expect more books in near future!


  33. Desri Yulinani Nurhayati

    Hello I’m Desri I from Indonesia, in here I so hard to get book all about design fashoin, and I really hope to get it,,,
    Please tell me how to do for get it
    thank u so much

  34. Hey Saloni!!
    Email me in my email adress Doruntinaa@live.com if you are interested to see my fashion sketches and I can show you them.

  35. Hello info@maguie.com
    I would really like to introduce you some of my illustrations clothes versions all inspired and designed by me.
    Email me if you´re interested- Doruntinaa@live.com
    Hope you´re having good times x

  36. Hlw saloni! Where to snd my portfolio and my CV?
    Plz mention ur e-mail id.

  37. Hi my name is Bobby Henderson I have been drawn all my life it is a gift from God another gif the girl with the artistic mind was a creative artistic mind…. I have many designs that I drew these designs are very beautiful I have spring wear summer wear in for the fall as well as Winter Wear I have lingerie as well…. and I am very proud to say that my designs are designs that you would never find in the store…. my designs for the first person who has one of these outfits people ask them where did you get that from it is beautiful I never saw a design or outfit like that… these designs that I have I’m willing to sell if anyone who is looking to make a richly profit call me at this number and let us talk about it the number is 973-592-7546 and you can also reach me at this number 973 675 6991.

  38. Hi my name is Marhiska Martina,since young I have been creating and drawing my designs,i never a professional guidance or fashion school. But I have created so many designs that now that I am 23 years old I have decided that I want to sell some of designs, with that get more experience and In a close future start building my career… so if somebody is interested to buy please contact me …..

  39. Hi saloni
    I do designing in paper want to sell it. How to contact u?

  40. Shantell McDuffie

    Hello my name is Shantell McDuffie
    let me know where i could see your designs I’m looking to buy some designs for my line chelleshan3066@gmail.com

  41. How can find a manufacturer to buy my sketches

  42. What to do with the impressive designs which are just lying at home not at there exact place.Really my mind is just going to swallow up,b’coz I had tried a lot to find the best place to sell my one of the most gorgeous design at the higer price but no use.Can u suggest me the right way to sell my designs at one touch.Its my dream to be a FD -Fashion Designer..And I think that one day my favrate actress i.e. Shraddha Kapoor will definitely try my design and will lokk like Queen……………..

  43. how i can save my designs if i publish it for sell any one could draw it and sew without buying

  44. my email address is marlon.gonzales43@yahoo.com, and it’s also my email add in facebook pls message me if want to see it .I would really appreciate your comment .Thanks a lot

  45. Good Day Mr William Turnbull, I’m Marlon Gonzales, I’m 17 years old and I have a lot of ideas to share with.. i have no Experience in Designing but I show my drawings to my friends, family and alsoin my school. a lot of them were fascinated. I live in Philippines and I really do need income I hope you’ll like my sketches.. I am really good at wedding gowns. and I hope you’ll like it:D

  46. Hi,
    I’m Lakshmi Ippili. I would like you suggest me that, if I want to sell a pencil sketch ex: gowns, skirts and some other creative wear. How can I sell, I’ve tried in different places to sell my designs but no use. Can u please help me with it?

  47. So if I sell my designs I still have control over them right? The other person can’t take credit or anything right? Sorry if that’s a stupid question but I just want to make sure. My designs are pretty important to me.

  48. Hi,
    I am looking for designers in India for launching a Fashion brand. Send me your Qualification with sketches.

  49. Good afternoon
    I do have some of my own sketches of clothing for young females that I believe would make a big hit. Considering that I’m a female myself with a good taste for fashion and very picky on what I get when I go to the store. Knowing all the complaints other female have about clothing I am willing to fix that problem for them. My designs cover the categories of feeling cute, sexy, sassy and comfortable. Age rang for teens and young adults. Contact me at akimeya@gmail.com

  50. hello my name is swati and am looking to sale my garment sketches…where do i go..??

  51. LaDarious McGraw

    hello my name is LaDarious McGraw I’m will to sell my fashion sketches that I’ve produced I don’t discriminate you can contact me through my email ladarious1999@gmail.com

  52. Hello Mr William Turnbull. I’m very much interested that’s if your offer still stands. I have the best clothing designs. Here is my email @therealnoxolo@gmail.com

  53. Hello Mr William Turnbull. I’m Promise Wealth from South Africa. I’m a fashion designer. Oh yes I am interested that’s if the offer still stands, you won’t regret it I have best clothing designs. Here is my email therealnoxolo@gmail.com

  54. Hi , I am Riya . I have some designs which i want to sell . I wanted to know how do i present it to buyer ? Should it have some background , or theme , or just a simple illustration ?

  55. Hello. I have some sketches (Drawings) that I would like to sell. If interested please call me at 770-309-0277 leave a message. No texts available. June 3rd, 2016. Negotiable. God Bless.

  56. Mr William Turnbull, I am interested and here’s my email address ” p.slicious333@gmail. You need this more than I, trust me

  57. Monika Bahirwani

    hey..!1 i too wnat to earn like thius.. can anyone tell me how to..?

  58. how can I defames my design???

  59. Karrie whiteside

    I have a Heim pencil sketch I bought at a antique store for 35 dollars written in pencil are what I think is xig_102 and under that are tree words and the only word I can read is pleated and at the bottom his signature. The sketch is a beautiful woman clearly from the fifty wearing a very pretty pleated summer dress, sleeveless, with a wide band around her waist, black gloves that go a little past her elbows, last a beautiful wide rim hat, this picture actually looks like a beautiful model from paris. I would like to know more about this, thankyou

  60. hello,i am pragyna. i draw some dress sketches..and now im sold it online so plzz tell me how i do this….

  61. Where can I possibly sell my designs? I’ve been designing since 6thgrade like shoes, gowns, dresses I had a break from it when I started to fell in love with painting and other form of arts. I just wanted to make something new afterall it was my first love.

  62. hi i m Alina …and i draw some dress sketches..and now im sold it online so plzz tell me how i do this….

  63. HIi Teya !! Thankuu soo much for ur advice u had increased the zest in me to draw more. I m really found of drawing fashion sketches. And i really want someone to hire me for this work. you people can contact me at my e-mail ID malraanjali@gmail.com . If you really want I can send you few samples of my designs.

  64. That sounds like some sound advice. A lot of us sell ourselves short thinking that we are not good enough and no one will pay us as much. Valuing your hard work is a very important factor in any success story. https://legallysewed.wordpress.com/

  65. Hello Priyanka we are bandage desses brand based in UK if you have experience in scketches, CAD etc please send your potrilho for info@maguie.com

  66. hello i want to sell my fashion sketches .but how i can sell it plz tell me how start my carerr in fashion desingen

  67. hellow my name is kunal and am looking to sale my garment and my jewellery sketches…where do i go..??

  68. Hallo Mr. Turnbull, I am really interested. I hope you will love my designs. Please contact me, this is my email address bektipuspitasari8@gmail.com.
    Thank You.

  69. Hi Mr Turnbull.
    I am really interested
    But I don’t have any education in this feild.. I just roughly sketch the designs but can describe it. I m sketching these designs since I was 10.
    If you are willing to give me chance just let me know I will design something according to ur requirement.
    My email address

  70. OMG ! Yes. Please I Would Love You All To Use My Designs. You Will Love Them. I’m Really Ready To Get My Designs Out There…Here’s My Email jamicasaxon@yahoo.com…Please Contact Me !

  71. Hello all. I am the owner of a start up brand in Brazil. I am looking for designs to use for our first collections. We will initially produce dresses and later other feminine garments. Would anyone be interested?

  72. Thanks for the advice! I really want to start my fashion line well I’m still a teenager (I’m 14 right now) and I want people to buy my designs and read my fashion blog. I wanna be a famous teen designer any tips? :D

  73. Hey Sheymmy,
    Assuming that you already have the right education all you need is a business consultant to help you with the business part of launching your own label. Regarding posting sketches: feel free to take part in the November’s fashion sketch competition that will be announced this week. Each contestant can participate with up to 5 sketches. Good luck!

  74. Ho my name is sheymmy i sketch and love fashion i went to school but my dream still haven got out there i wish one day i have my company but dont know how to start althought im 36 thats a dream that i wany to accomplish one day.can i post my sketch ?

  75. Wow, u spoke what is in my mind. U answered my questions big time… In fact u cleared my doubt

  76. Thank you Judy!
    The facts are exactly as you say – companies don’t buy sketches we designers have already created. They might hire you based on the work you have so far appreciating your talent, but you’ll still need to make a special research and collection for them.
    So showcasing the designs you’ve created can only help one as starting fashion designer gain more exposure and possibilities.


  77. Thank you so much for your comment, Judy! I’m 28 now but I dream that one day I’ll be an old lady watching TV and there will be a spectacular fashion designer on screen that have just made an epic entrance in the fashion world. And she or he is saying something like: “Well… I’m big and famous now but when I started I was just a kid with a sketch pad and http://www.idrawfashion.com on my laptop” :)))) This would be …wow…the biggest reward for me!
    I’m so happy to hear that what I do inspires you too and I hope you feel at home here among people who share the love for drawing and creating beautiful things.

  78. I have years of experience in the field and I love your website. It is like sitting witha friend who understands your work. You are also doing so much for a generation of young people, a few of them will become the leaders of the fashion world in a few years. It will be cool to look back at the posts of today. Thank you for the effort you are investing in putting up a free and thorough website. Judy Moore Perez, Florida.

  79. From my experience designs are purchased by reques. If a company is impressed by your designs they will tell you the kind of garment they want to make, how much the garment will cost, how much wok the can afford to pay for each dress and what fabrics they put on order. Fabrics are ordered a year ahead, at 500 yards per color minimum. Only after you have all this information you can create a line specifically for that company. You might be able to use some ofnthe designs you have already.
    first, you have to convince a buyer that you can create a line of clothes that sell in stores or online. So let these design free, publish them on the internet until someone pays attention and calls you. Leave a trail of information so people can reach you with every post. Judy Moore Perez, JMP4art@gmail.com

  80. Hello my is christina Coogler and iam looking to sale my skatches and painting where do I go??

  81. Teya, Im ready to give up colour pencils for Coptic markers, is that a good idea? And if it is please where can I get them?

  82. Hi,
    M Kalpita here. Thnks a lot for ur advises. Hv done my fashion designing diploma 2 yrs course. Cldnt do more worth designing course sincr they were too expensive for me. I worked on the side n arranged these money. My parents cldnt arrangr it for me since it was very expensive. N had to c the study exp of my brother n sisteras well. Want to learn many more things of fashion dedigning from u n wanna gain confidence in designing. I lack confidence in me. Pls help

  83. I have dress drawing

  84. Thank you for the advice! But how do I get a company to purchase my designs? ( I have over 3,000)

  85. I wish you good luck! Please write back when you have the results :) Fingers crossed

  86. Your amazing, I want to create a fashion label when i am older, I’m going college and have to make a portfolio to get accepted, you helped me a lot.

  87. what application do you use to draw your fashion?

  88. thanks.please are there websites where we can display our sketches for sale?

  89. This is just wonderfull, so good of you; thanks for your advices; and please, keep it up cos we want more

  90. I love your website, you are the one that inspired me to become a fashion illustrator. I hope i meet you some day

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