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Fashion illustration puzzle gift

From illustration to Puzzle

We all love the holidays – the family time, the tasty food and of course – the gifts! I want to share with you a very fun commission I created as a Christmas gift. These 3 beautiful girls are best friends since birth . The blond one and the red hair one decided to gift the brunette a fashion illustration of them and asked me to add some pandas in the background. Yay for panda fans!

So without any more words – here is the process from draft to finished piece:
The drawing process started with a rough pencil draft that I sent the clients for feedback and approval. I usually ask for at least 3 pictures of each person when I make portraits so making them look like themselves was not a problem. Of course I knew that with color they will look even more like themselves. The girls were planning to turn the illustration into a puzzle therefore I chose to give them similar Greece style dresses and a background that will make the puzzle a challenge.

The coloring process started with the brunette beauty – she has amazing skin tone and large eyes which were a bliss to draw.  I moved to the smoking hot red hair lady. You can see that the shadows are ready only for the first one.

The first two girls we finished and moved to the gorgeous blond. I started to building up the background slowly using different shades of green to separate the background plans.

Here it is! I the finished the dresses shading and added the background: a bamboo forest and cute little pandas hiding inside.

Here are a few pictures the girls we so kind to send me. This puzzle looks like a lot of fun! They also said it was hard to arrange which is great :)

And for those curious to see my work process – I haven’t forgotten you, guys!

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  1. Teya is amazing. I don’t draw but she created some artwork for me a couple of years ago. Good to see you online Teya. Followng you on Tumblr and Twitter. I’m not boomergirlfriends anymore. Find me as athomewithcarol

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :-)

    Carol xoxo

  2. That looks amazing, Ms. Teya! Watching the video helped me discover more tools and ways you can use Manga Studio 5, so now I can get better at drawing on it :) Thank you! (I ❤️ your website/videos, they have helped me so much!)

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