1. You inspire me so much. And your tutorials are very helpful for fashion designers thank u so much Teya. Just one thing we want more competitions

  2. Question about VALENTINE’S DAY contest:
    Can I submit a design that created useing photoshop into the contest?

    I found most of the design are created by using paper and colors, so I am little confused. Please help me.

  3. i just want to say how much i luv this site! um i wandering could u maybe make a templates of these poses?

  4. This is so awesome! When I saw this site it help me learn and now I’m designing my own clothes and thinking about a college and I’m getting my fashion book about done!!! And I’m only 12!!! (birthday is September 20th).

  5. Hi I was wondering can I use one of the poses for a design it would mean something thx

  6. I’m a 10 year old almost 11 (July 3rd) girl, and I absolutley LUV this site! It’s helping me in my early years :)Could you do a “How To Draw A Side Pose”

  7. Now i actually know how to draw figures after I started following your drawing tutorials. :D Thanks a lot Teya! <3

  8. IMA good drawer , can you make a kids idrawfashion club

  9. I love love love your website, amazing tips, you just made me a pro at sketching and drawing. ..thk you, keep up the good work.

  10. hey teya,i love fashion designing and u have a really easy ways to teach us….thank you
    but i really want to know more maybe books will help…i live in lebanon how can i get my request

    • Hi Cristina,
      The e-book is actually written by my colleague Annette. You can purchase it and you will get a link to download it. It doesn’t matter where you live :) Then you can print or read it from your screen.


  11. Sagely By Moonlight

    I don’t wanna be a fashion designer, but I do wanna learn how to draw as a hobby, and my search for good learning materials somehow brought me here! Is it okay if I use your pose resources to learn the basics of drawing male and female bodies?

  12. Hi Teya, I am so impressed with your website. Your detailed very easy to follow tutorials are amazing. I realise that a lot of work goes into them . I am an artist and teacher and one of my junior students has been asking me for tips on drawing for Fashion design. I will defintely be directing her to your site. I have learned a lot from it myself this morning. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  13. amazing website…loved it…i have searched so many sites to learn fashion drawing and this site has turned to be the best till date..thank you

  14. i would love to put them in my portfolio as my inspiration. would you be okay with that ?

  15. Your sketches are beautiful, I’ve learnt a lot from them.

  16. can I use one these as my facebook wallpaper? ^_^ I love your works <3 <3 i am your new fan

  17. you are awesomest person i have ever met online

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