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  • how-to-draw-black-girl-face-in-fashion-sketches-cover-index3

    Drawing African features

    Not all fashion designs look their best on pale skin models. Sometimes a darker skin is what it takes to make the design idea pop. However simply coloring the skin in a darker shade isn’t the be…

  • how to draw 3-4 view face in fashion design sketches tutorial index

    Draw a 3/4 view face

    In this tutorial you will learn how to draw 3/4 view face. Drawing the face is part of the sketches that many young artists overlook and skip due to the lack of knowledge how easy and fun it actually …

  • how to draw african hairstyle step by step tutorial for fashion design sketches

    How to draw afro hair

    Depending on your collection you might want to play with the skin color of your models. Drawing beautiful black girls can’t go without the skill of drawing gorgeous afro american hairstyle. In this st…

  • how-to-draw-galmorous-hairstyle-index

    How to draw glam hair

    In this tutorial you will learn how to draw hair. When drawing a fashion sketch the designer is expected to think not only about the design itself but also for the whole styling of the model – this in…

  • how to draw makeup in fashion design sketches tutoial index

    How to draw makeup

    earning how to draw makeup right can have a dramatic effect on your fashion illustrations. There are many different ways to draw makeup, but in this tutorial you will find a step-by-step technique to …

  • how to draw shiny hair step by step tutorial cover

    How to draw shiny hair

    You always wanted to give your fashion sketches a beautiful, shiny and full of life hair but you didn’t know how to draw it? This step by step tutorial will teach you an easy technique how to achieve …

  • how to draw a profile face step by step tutorial cover

    How to draw profile face

    Learning how to draw profile faces for your fashion sketches and illustrations will give you more options in designing your new collections. Interesting model poses is one of the things that makes fas…

How to draw a braid

how to draw braid hairstyle type tutorial cover

Have you ever wondered how to draw a braided hair? The braid goes perfectly well with summer inspired fashion illustrations …

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