Hi, I’m Teya and I am the face behind I Draw Fashion. Since you are here, you’re probably curious to know a little bit more about me, so here we go:

My Background

I was born in Bulgaria around 30 years ago. There were signs that I was going to end up in the world of fashion since I was 4, doodling my long-legged princesses on every white page of every book at my home. I was really, really blessed to have the full support of my family to explore drawing. I mean….I had two shoeboxes full of colored pencils. If this is not great parenting, I don’t know what is :)

So later I studied arts in high school and got accepted for a BA degree in Fashion Design. It took me a while to realize that I am actually more fascinated by the illustration part rather than making clothes. As a result, right after I graduated in 2011, I started my beloved website I Draw Fashion.

In the meantime, I finished my MA in Illustration, did some Marketing and Branding courses, worked for a few companies as a designer and art director, freelanced for hundreds of fashion brands and awesome designers around the globe and I launched my online academy for fashion designers: I Draw Fashion Academy

Now I am happy to be a professor in the National Arts Academy, Bulgaria. I teach my students how not to be afraid of Photoshop and Illustrator and how to use digital tools to create professional-level fashion art.

My Skills

I Draw Fashion. This is what I do. I started with traditional media (markers and pencils), but my true love is drawing digitally.
The skill that I am most proud of is that I can explain complicated things with simple words. My most useful skill is that I am great in optimizing things and making tasks consume less time and effort.

My Dreams & Goals

I dream to be able to work in person with young aspiring designers from all countries, but especially from Africa and India where I see there is so much talent, that needs encouragement. I want to meet these kids, talk to them, teach them to draw and follow their dreams. If you read this and you feel that you can support me to educate and inspire the young designers in your country, please send me a message. I believe in doing good things and that the best is yet to come! Thank you!

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