How to draw a hat with a large brim

By choosing the right complements you can dramatically improve the impact your fashion illustration creates.
Learn how to represent one of the most glamorous accessories – the large hat- in a few quick and easy to follow steps.

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 4 min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 3/10

How to draw a hat in 9 steps:

Step 1: Draw the face and hair

How to draw a hat step 1

Draw your model’s head, face, and hairstyle as if she wasn’t supposed to wear a hat. It is important to draw with a light pencil at this stage because later you will have to erase some parts of the drawing.

Step 2: Draw the hat guidelines

Pull a diagonal line from the highest point of the eyebrow to about the middle of the ear. Pass through the eye corner.
Draw another line- parallel with the shoulder, slightly below the hairline. Keep the lines long enough.

How to draw a hat step 2

Step 3: The S curve

How to draw a hat step 3

Connect the marks from step 2 with a smooth curved line and add length in the lower end to obtain the sensation of the letter “S”.

Step 4: Draw the brim

Close the brim as shown in the picture. The form should make remembrance of a water drop.

Try not to displace the lines. Keep in mind that behind her neck they should come together for the outline of the brim.

How to draw a hat step 4

Step 5: Draw the hat crown

How to draw a hat step 5

The bottom of the crown lays down in about the middle of the parting. As the head is round, the line should be not perfectly straight, buts lightly curved or as shown with at least two little corners.

Step 6: Draw the bottom

How to draw a hat step 6

Connect the bottom line of the crown with the brim. Draw the lines soft and smooth, as the hat is made of textile, and let the “S” curve lead you.

Step 7: Clean up

How to draw a hat step 7

It’s time to erase everything under the hat that will be invisible for the eye.
Draw a rectangular guideline for the hat’s crown. Make sure you have covered the whole top part of the head. It depends on the model of course, but for best results try not to make the crown higher than the front center part of the brim.

Step 8: Smoothen it

How to draw a hat step 8

Smoothen the crown’s edges and add some details to the brim. You need just a hint of details, add them with a measure.

Step 9: Finishing touches

How to draw a hat step 9

Finish your hat drawing by adding a beautiful trim, a ribbon or maybe some flowers. It’s time to show up your creativity!

Model with a hat

Give your illustration of the new accessory you just learned how to draw! Draw a hat with a large brim, sunglasses and some stylish high heels to turn your model into a real style icon.


  1. Your site inspired me to back to drawing and sketching. I haven’t drawn anything for three years, always obsessed with my studies. when I saw your site I started to think of it again. Now for the past few months I haven’t put down my pencil. thnqu……

  2. hey you r gr8 do you mind if i copy these pics my blog i will give full fred and advertise ur blog on mine

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