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How to draw sneakers

As a fashion designer or illustrator one should be capable of drawing different types of shoes. Drawing beautiful high heels will not always be the best option for every design. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw sneakers as a sporty alternative to match more casual, street style of outfits. Have fun!

Step 1: Draw the feet

Start by drawing the feet of your model. There is no need for a lot of details and drawing all the toes. Just a basic shape to start with. If you have difficulties drawing the feet use the How to draw high heels” and “How to draw front view shoes” as reference.

how to draw sneakers in fashion sketches tutorial

Step 2: Sneakers shape and size

Mark the top edge of the sneakers. Usually they reach slightly above the ankle. Make sure the line is not completely straight – as the legs have volume this will cause a slight curve downwards. Draw ellipses for the toe caps. You want to leave enough space for the toes to move, but not too much to distort the proportion of the feet. Notice that the profile toe cap exceeds only from the top and the side. The bottom if flat.

Sneakers drawing step by step tutorial for dashion designers

Step 3: The shoe tongue

Erase all the unnecessary lines and draw the tongue. To achieve the illusion that it is standing behind the upper draw it slightly wider than it as shown in the illustration.
Draw the tongue for the sneakers or sports shoes

Step 4: Eyelids and sole

This type of sport shoes usually has between 6 to 8 eyelids depending on the shoe height. Draw them evenly separated from one another and pull a dashed line right next to them. It represents the typical stitching for sports shoes. Draw the soles of the sneakers. Remember: don’t draw them too thin nor changing in height. Follow the foot guidelines, but feel free to straighten some of the lines where needed. How to draw eyelids and sole for sneakers in fashion illustrations

Step 5: Tie them up

Pay enough attention to drawing the shoelaces. When the fashion sketch is finished it will be a big plus if you have them drawn correctly. Start by drawing the lines marked as red and add the green ones later. The logic is the same as doing it in real life: starting from the bottom make a zig-zag skipping one eyelid on each side. Use an eraser and make sure the green lines go behind the red ones.

Tip: For more detailed explanation on how to draw the shoelaces check out the “How to draw a corset”tutorial
Draw shoelaces for sneakers and sport shoes in fashion sketches tutorial

Step 6: Build up

Time to draw the shoelaces knot. The easiest way to do it is by drawing a horizontal “8” for the ears and two loose lines hanging down from its center ( they are not straight! ) Outline it all and add two tiny oblong shapes to the bottom of the laces to finish them. Add a decorative line to the middle of the back side of the sole.

How to draw sneakers in fashion sketches: draw the knot

Step 7: Details do matter!

Draw the logo of the sneakers- it could be the classic star or anything your imagination creates. Draw some more stitches in the front side of the shoes and also several small creases right above the heel to hint that shoes are made of fabric.
Draw the details to make the sneakers drawing more realistic.

Step 8: How to color?

Choose a nice shade that go well with the rest of your design and cover the fabric part of the sneakers. The toe caps, soles and laces should be left lighter. Add a gentle shadow to the sides of the tongue to emphasize it’s standing behind and you are good to go!

How to color sneakers step by step tutorial

Drawing sneakers can be a lot of fun and it definitely helps to create a different mood of the fashion sketch. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes, colors and designs to make your illustrations unique and different every time! sporty fashion illustration by Teya Bozhilova


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