How to draw ugg boots

This step by step tutorial shows how to draw ugg boots in your fashion sketches and illustrations. Uggs are this special type of winter footwear that will add extra coziness to your designs. Even though drawing a pair of uggs might seem like a real challenge, you will soon see that it’s really easy you follow the steps. If you want to learn how to draw other types of shoes check out these tutorials: How to draw boots, How to draw high heels, How to draw front view shoes.
So, without further ado – let’s jump right in and take a look at how to draw ugg boots.

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 4min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 4/10

✔How to draw uggs in 9 easy steps:

Step 1: Draw the foot

Start with a side view foot sketch. Uggs don’t have heels so make sure the model is not standing on her toes. If you need help drawing the leg check out my “How to draw legs” tutorial or my online course on “How to draw feet” where you’ll find dozens of foot tutorials, videos, and tips on how to draw every tiny detail.

Step 2: Draw the opening

Ugg boots are quite wide at the opening. Draw a horizontal ellipse around the leg and erase the part that goes behind the leg as shown in the illustration below. This will create the illusion that the boot goes around the leg and your sketch will look more realistic compared to a simple straight line.

You can draw the opening anywhere between the ankle and the calf.

Step 3: Draw the uggs shape

There is one thing that you need to remember when you draw ugg boots and this is that they are spacious. Draw an outline around the leg leaving plenty of blank space. The only place where the boot contour touches the foot is the sole.

Pay attention to the nose of the boot. The shape is softly rounded. The line goes down gradully and there is no bump at all.

Step 4: Preparing for the sole

Clean up your sketch from all unnecessary lines. Only the boot silhouette should be let on the paper.

Now follow the line of the sole and draw a line right below it. Notice the rounded ends.

Using a dashed line mark the thickness of the sole and make sure the heel is slightly higher than the front half. Your line should be parallel to the foot sole.

Step 5: Draw the sole

Follow the guideline and draw the sole of the uggs. Make sure your line is not wavy because this does not look believable. The sole should be a combination of straight lines and small bumps.

Step 6: Add wool details

It’s time to add some cozy details to your uggs drawing. Draw wavy trim at the boot opening and a vertical trim on the side. Notice that the side trim is not perfectly straight nor center aligned. It is supposed to be shifted slightly towards the back and the line changes direction after the ankle.

Step 7: Final seam

The final step is to draw one last seam. Again it is two wavy lines to mimic the wool trim of the uggs boots. Notice that this trim looks slightly curved, instead of horizontal or diagonal.

I believe that now you have the knowledge and skills to draw ugg boots in your fashion sketches like a pro. To complete the look of your winter collection you might also want to check the tutorials on “How to draw a sweater” and “How to draw Jeans

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