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  • sources of inspiration for fashion design sketches

    Where to Find Inspiration for your next fashion sketch

    Are you looking for inspiration for your drawings? Do you need a fresh source of ideas for your fashion designs? Enjoy a large list of idea + tips how to apply them to your fashion collection.

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  • Portfolio-Websites-for-Fashion-Designers-top-10-list

    Portfolio Websites For Fashion Designers

    We know how important the portfolio is for every fashion designer! Whether you’re looking to showcase your work or to land more clients, a portfolio is a key to growing your reputation. Choosing the right platform to publish your fashion…

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  • Best FREE Fashion Schools 1 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

    Best FREE Fashion Schools

    Fashion Schools are known to be one of the most expensive schools with their high tuition and low scholarship opportunities. A typical fee for a fashion-design course goes up to USD 28,000 annually.  However, there are countries in the world…

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  • How to win a fashion design contest 8 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

    How to win a fashion design contest

    There is no better way for a young fashion designer to earn recognition than winning a fashion design contest. Every couple of months I Draw Fashion holds a fashion design contest that welcomes designers of any age, experience and location…

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  • The Best Fashion Schools in Europe 9 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

    The Best Fashion Schools in Europe

    We know how important education is, but what are the best places to study fashion design among all colleges and universities? In this article, you will find a list of some of the best schools for fashion designers in Europe.…

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  • Fashion Croquis book for designers

    I Draw Fashion Sketchbooks are here!

    Do you want to draw your fashion design ideas like a pro? Sketch your designs in professional fashion sketchbooks with over 100 croquis in different figure poses.

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  • 5 places to sell your designs

    5 Places To Sell Your Fashion Designs

    If you are a fashion designer searching for places to sell your fashion designs online, you’ve come to the right place. I have prepared for you a list of 5 wonderful websites where to make money out of your fashion…

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  • I want to sell my illustrations

    I want to sell my fashion sketches

    Making money from your fashion sketches is such a tempting idea. If you are wondering how and where to sell your fashion sketches, this article is where you should start.

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  • Fashion-illustration—fashion–sketch–design-flat–cover2

    Fashion Sketch vs. Fashion Illustration vs. Flats

    What is the difference between a fashion sketch and a fashion illustration? As part of the society working and creating in the fashion industry, you will encounter both terms quite often and it is likely to get confused about which…

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  • Comissioned-fashion-illustration-for-blog-cover2

    My process of illustrating: new blog cover

    This illustration was created for the stunning model and blogger from Vanity Afro. She contacted me to help her create a new blog cover where she would pose in a beautiful designer dress. She wanted the portrait to communicate both…

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  • 9 ways to sell your fashion design sketches 25 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

    9 ways to sell your fashion design sketches

    After publishing the post “The price of your designs” where I talk about properly pricing your work  I received many emails asking for more info on how to make money from your designs.  So let’s talk today about how and…

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  • Morning-fashion-illustration-by-Teya-Bozhilova

    For God’s sake be original!

    It is okay to have artists and illustrators that you admire and to want to be as good as they are. But this does not equal to try to mimic their creative style. You will never be as good because…

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  • how-to-use-colors

    The meaning of colors

    Today I’ve been thinking about color – how do we use it in our fashion sketches to communicate different messages. Is our art becoming limited by working with the same color palette every time? How color changes the meaning of…

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  • Why draw the fashion figure well in fashion design sketches

    7 reasons to draw the fashion figure well

    If you have great clothing ideas you want to show, there are only two options: either draw the fashion figure well, or don’t draw it at all! You really can’t afford to ruin the impression of your design ideas by…

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