How to choose the right fashion templates

Choosing to work with pre-made fashion templates saves a precious amount of time when designing a collection. No doubts about that. But how to choose the best pose and attitude to show the garment you have in mind?
In this blog post, I’ll share some basic tips you can use to pick the most appropriate fashion templates for your needs.

The idea of a fashion sketch is to give the viewer information about the clothes. The more information you succeed to present- the better. It’s not really about drawing skills, but about the ability to tell more with your fashion sketch.

The rule of thumb is – don’t put anything over the important details you’d like to show.

Fashion Poses For Dresses

When choosing a template for a dress you need to forget about bold, powerful poses because they don’t communicate with the nature of a dress – airy and feminine. Instead, you may want to keep the legs of the model close together and the gesture- delicate and flirty.
Pick a pose that will let the dress float and move.

Fashion Poses For Skirts

For skirts, and especially tube skirts you don’t want to use walking fashion figures with wide spread legs. Find a template that will help you show the silhouette of the skirt. It may also be a side view pose if you have interesting details in the side hem or different skirt length in the front and back.

Fashion Poses For Pants

When drawing pants, jeans or shorts it’s usually preferred to use fashion figures that show the legs from different angles. The best templates are those that have two side views of the leg – in order to show variations in the hem or hidden details from the inside. If you have pockets on the pants it’s nice to draw the hands in.

Fashion poses for Jackets and Coats

Avoid poses in which the torso is covered by the model’s arms. Find a fashion template that will bring the attention of the viewer towards the buttons or the collar. When designing coats and jackets sometimes designers choose to have interesting linings for them – show that as well.

There are a bunch of free fashion figure templates on this website. Enjoy using them and creating beautiful collections!
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