10 things aspiring fashion designers are doing wrong

We all make mistakes. Until we realize there is a better way and we choose to improve. In this post, you will find a list of the 10 most common mistakes young fashion designers make. If you find yourself doing any of these things you need to stop right now and take the steps to present your design ideas more professionally.


Drawing on your notebook is a great thing to do during a boring class in school (we’ve all done that) but if you want people to look at your designs and really take you seriously you should consider investing in some quality paper for drawing your designs.


It takes so much time to make your hand stop shaking when you ink but if you leave your designs drawn just with an HB pencil your designs have all the chances to look like made by a complete amateur. You don’t want this, do you?


Colored pencils are probably the most difficult media to master. Most aspiring designers use them because they are cheap and everyone already has a set at home. The truth is that most drawings done with colored pencils do not look professional, clean and expensive. Invest in high-quality markers, watercolors or a media that you like and leave the colored pencils for the kids in kindergarten age. Or at least take a look at the coloring with colored pencils tutorial and try to improve your technique. Your ideas deserve it :)


You don’t understand anatomy and if the model looks good it is a pure chance. Learning how to draw the figure well for fashion sketches is not that hard. We already have several figures drawing tutorials that will help you make more than decent bodies for your beautiful designs.


You just can’t do it right so you leave the face blank. You need to stop doing it! The face features of your model are important. The face tells a story about your designs- it tells a story about you as a designer. It is best if you work and find your own style but until then you can follow the step in the “How to draw model face” tutorial and give your fashion sketches some personality and attitude.


You don’t think that you need to be informed about the current trends. You have your own favorite colors, fabrics, and ideas. This is bad and wrong. If you want to develop as a designer you need to read, to watch shows, to make researches about the trends and to try finding inspirations in new places. Explore the history, the flora, and the fauna, search for inspiration in architecture or your favorite painter. The great designers don’t rely on the set of ideas they already have in their minds because they are limited. They are explorers!


Fashion design is not designing gowns only. If you want to design original gowns and dresses that were not done million times before reading the point above. Try to design an interesting pair of pants, a cure jacket, a romantic blouse or a sexy top. Learn about the structure of clothes and how they are constructed – this will help your designs look more professional.


Somebody has to tell you this – placing an enormous signature over your drawing will not prevent design thieves from stealing your idea. Why? Because there are no design thieves really :) If there are any they take ideas from already famous fashion designers with great fashion shows and collections. Your huge signature over half of the illustration looks bad. It not only looks bad but it tells the world: “I think I am a fabulous & extremely great designer and I am so afraid you are going to steal my genius design from me. This is a 1st-grade student way of thinking. Start acting like a grown-up professional and put a discrete signature.


You hide your fashion sketches and never show them online because of …oh, yes #8 – they will be stolen from you. Don’t be afraid to share your drawings with your Facebook friends, with art communities and groups – they will give you great support and even sometimes tell you where your mistakes are so that you can improve faster. Share, give the people the chance to see that you are good at what you do and that fashion is really in your heart!


Just uploading your sketches and waiting for the likes that will make you feel good is not going to help your career. You need to really work if you want to be noticed – be productive – design a lot and try to make contacts with people from the Fashion industry. Ask for feedback, be polite and don’t wait for miracles to happen. Being a fashion designer needs a lot of effort as any other dream!

10 things aspiring fashion designers are doing wrong 1 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials


  1. I use color pencils in my work and I do not think it is childish at all. The methods of using your pencil gives your work character and replica of what your designing. I am sorry but I can not fully agree with this article.

  2. thanks for your answer . It was very helpful and your post become much better after changing .do you thing it is a good idea to creat a blog and promote our sketches in there ?

  3. Dear Shirin,
    Parts of the article were not clear enough so I reworked it. I am sorry – still struggling with writing in English.
    What I wanted to say is that you want all of your friends to know that you love designing clothes and that you are good at it. This should be not a secret hobby but rather your official face to the world. When they say your name they should think “oh, yes, she draws fashion sketches and is good at it!”
    You should also try promote your work to people outside of your friends circle and look for professional contacts.

  4. thank you very much … I don’t understand the last part . If we should’nt promote our designes so how can people understand that we are a fashion designer ? how can we have clients? I’m pretty sure that no miracle will happen here …I really need your help PLZ answer …. thanks again your website is incredible

  5. Hi Again, Teya.

    Thank you very much. I understand it now! (I just didn’t get your “sarcasm” in the list at first…)
    So, do you think it would be wise to have, lets say, a blog where you post all your sketches and do some blogging about your inspiration sources and something related?

  6. Hello Stephanie,
    This is a list of the things that is NOT recommended to do. Your work will look more professional if you avoid huge signatures. You will have better fashion sketches if you care about drawing the face and hands correctly. Mermaid dresses is just a metaphor – it means that an aspiring designer should be creating really original and NEW design ideas, instead of sticking to things that we have all seen.


  7. Maybe I’m a bit stupid, but suddenly I am not sure if I should DO what you are saying under each point, or if I should do the opposite? I mean, SHOULD I make a signature, should I draw mermaid dresses, should I NOT care about face and hands….?

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