For God’s sake be original!

Perhaps you have heard of the fashion illustrator Hayden Williams. He is a talented illustrator and designer with many followers and fans online. So many young artists today copy his style and every time I stumble upon their sketches I’m like “Oh this is H.W’s work ….oh wait….no, the proportions are wrong and the design is boring. It’s just another copycat”. Do you really want people to think something similar to your art?

It is okay to have artists and illustrators that you admire and to want to be as good as they are. But this does not equal to try to mimic their creative style. You will never be as good because you have not invented it – you have copied it.

As a creative soul, you need to learn how to be a leader, not a follower! Learn from the artists you like but do it in your own way! What does this mean?

Draw the face like artist A., use creative poses like illustrator B. and draw sweet backgrounds similar to photographer C. Use your own imagination and color it the way only YOU can. Invent a new style! Combine things! Create! Be unique!


The other thing I see often is people who copy a drawing from a fashion drawing book and claim it’s theirs. And it makes me feel bad for the real author of the illustration. When you make your own version of a certain drawing or copy it directly make sure you mention the original source! One day after hundreds of hours  hard work you’ll become recognized with your creations and the last thing you’d want is people to claim they are the authors. Why doing something you wouldn’t like to happen to yourself?

Finding your own creative voice takes time and practice. It takes a lot of time researching, collecting references, inspirations, trying out different techniques, different media, combining various styles. And knowing yourself.

If you have a disciplined, hard-working personality and love things being tidy and organized go for a style that expresses the same qualities. Simple lines, black ink, solid colors?

If you a wild creative person who is all about fun things in life and loves the spontaneous things – experiment with aquarelle splashes and rough pencil drawings underneath maybe?

Express your personality in your drawings! Most certainly you don’t have the same personality as the artists you admire. So why copy them then?
The world needs uniqueness – bring in yours and make us love your unique style!

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