How to win a fashion design contest

There is no better way for a young fashion designer to earn recognition than winning a fashion design contest. Every couple of months I Draw Fashion holds a fashion design contest that welcomes designers of any age, experience and location to join. You can take part, showcase your designs and win amazing prizes.

But why some sketches get hundreds of votes and others don’t? What you can do to help your entry perform better? In this article I want to share with you some tips you can use to get more votes an increase your chances of winning.

1. Early submission is best

Let’s start with the basics. The winner is picked from the TOP 5 most voted sketches. It is logical that the more days you participate in the contest, the more votes you get.

Try to keep an eye on the blog and submit your design as early as you can. If you haven’t already, I recommend you to also subscribe for I Draw Fashion’s newsletter. I send an email to all subscribers once a new contest begins. You can find the subscribe form in the right-hand sidebar of the blog.

2. Focus on Picture quality

Take your time to photograph your design. Presentation is everything! Maybe people won’t notice if your sketch is photographed well, but be sue that they will notice if it is photographed poorly. Here are some of the MUSTs to follow:

3.The choice of model matters

Everything about your model can make or break your design. If everything is great, but her face if off everyone will notice the face. If the body proportions are not okay, this will affect how the design is perceived. For best results you want to showcase your design idea on a beautiful, well-drawn model. But what if you can’t draw the figure?

The best solution is to learn. You can search through the hundreds of FREE tutorials on how to draw faces and how to draw fashion croquis . Or, if you wan deeper knowedge and personal attention, you can enroll in my online course Fashion Figure Drawing Masterclass, and have me help you out.

The alternative way to go is to use premade fashion croquis. You can download free body templates here or go to my other website – I Fashion Templates , where there are hundreds of poses to choose from. Premade fashion figures are a huge time saver and let you focus on creating a great design, instead of struggling with the proportions.

4. Avoid cliché ideas

A lot of young designers get trapped in cliché ideas. The best tip I have ever received on how to avoid being a cliché designer is: ” Always scrap your first idea – it is something you already know, not something you create“.

When drawing a sketch for a fashion contest you want to create something that in NOT on the top of your mind. Put more thought in it and make wise decisions on the silhouette, colors and fabrics you choose. Don’t make what everyone expects you to make!

5. Provide more than just a dress

Do more than a simple dress and show us that you have the skills to create a complete look. Treat everything on the paper as an opportunity to make your fashion sketch stronger. Make use of the hair, makeup, accessories and the shoes your model wears.

Don’t be afraid to go an extra mile and never settle with generic details.
Every extra effort you put will pay out.

6. Add a delicate background

To make a stronger impression with your sketch, always work on the background too. You don’t need to go wild and paint a detailed, realistic background. But maybe if we have a Christmas themed contest you could draw a wrapped gift next to your girl or a Christmas tree, or simply draw a couple of snowflakes around her. You get the point!

Keep the focus on the girl and her clothes, but allow the background to support the story you’re telling.

7. Find Supporters

One of the TOP 5 most voted sketches will be the winner of each contest. But how to make it to the top 5 if you don’t have hundreds of friends?

Don’t work hard, work smart!

One of the best working strategies is to use the power of 3. Share with 3 of your friends and ask each of them to share with three of their friends. Their 3 friends need to do the same. It is not a lot to ask, people will do it gladly and very soon you will have a lot of support from people who you might even not know. This practice does not only help you get more votes in the fashion contest, but makes people around aware of your talents. Next time they need a drawing or a design they will know who to contact.

Another smart technique is to use communities and groups. As a young designer and artist you should be participating in all kinds of groups – Facebook groups, Fashion Forums, etc. – just tell to the people there that you’re participating in a contest and if you like your sketch, they can vote for you.

8.Be consistent

Be consistent in your efforts to attract votes. The more votes you have, the more exposure you gain. People who came to the contest page will vote for your sketch just because it’s good and it’s already popular. This is human nature – we do what we see others are already doing.

So to keep your votes count growing you do one of the following each day:

Don’t try to cheat. The contest has a smart protection system that will catch fake votes

Do you have more ideas how to perform better in a contest? Please share it in the comments section! It might help someone who needs it!

Thanks for reading and I wish you best of luck in the next fashion design contest ! Keep being creative and awesome!

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