The meaning of colors

Today I’ve been thinking about color – how do we use it in our fashion sketches to communicate different messages. Is our art becoming limited by working with the same color palette every time? How color changes the meaning of an artwork?

I did an experiment coloring the same image in different colors. In all the variations the skin and the hair are in the same neutral tone and the only things that are changing are the blouse, the lips and the earing of the model. Yet the message that each of these drawings communicates is unique and so different from the rest.

Each color combo has a different message

  • Green + Orange/ Yellow : Fresh
  • Blue + Green/ Gray : Cool, Masculine
  • Purple + Brown: Mature
  • Red + Yellow: Flashy, Sexy
  • Pink + Baby Blue: Sweet, Cute
  • Golden/Silver: Luxury
  • Yellow + Orange/Brown: Warm
  • Black + Blue/Red: Powerful

It was a fun thing to do in a lazy afternoon and it reminded me of the importance of using the right colors. Color is an essential part of creating a fashion design that tells a story.


  1. Thank you much for posting this because I have true issues with colors. I have a tendicy of using alot of blue. I think it’s a safe color for me. Now that I know the meaning maybe I will cool it with the blue

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