7 reasons to draw the fashion figure well

If you have great clothing ideas you want to show, there are only two options: either draw the fashion figure well, or don’t draw it at all!

You really can’t afford to ruin the impression of your design ideas by presenting them on some poorly drawn fashion figures. This, my dear, is the easiest way to make your work look unprofessional and discourage people to get you serious. You either learn how to draw the fashion figure or you stick to presenting your designs just as flats.

Draw a nice fashion figure or no figure at all

7 Reasons to draw the fashion figures:

1: Because it makes your designs look better.

It’s that simple. A well-drawn fashion figure will highlight the best of your design idea. It is important to choose the right figure template in a pose that will make the design the star of the artwork.

2: Because it will make the viewer curious

A beautiful figure drawing will make the viewer want to take a closer look at the clothes. Give them the chance to appreciate the details of your design and a reason to spend more time looking at the drawing.

3: No will power = no greatness

Maybe you find drawing figures not so fun or interesting. But postponing to overcome something that challenges you only shows a lack of will power and this is bad news for your future plans, isn’t it?

4: It affects your design

Your design is presented in the figure. Bad figure proportions mean bad slothing proportions. If your figure has incorrectly drawn short arms, for instance, your design will have bad, short sleeves too. And you don’t what that- do you?

5: Everyone likes pretty things

We all like beauty. We all like it when things are done rights. A pretty model drawing has the power to improve the appeal of your design too. This is exactly what professional models are paid for in the real-life world.

6: Creativity boost

Believe it or not, knowing the anatomy and proportions of the body will boost your creativity. The human body is such an inspiration and can provide you with an infinite source of ideas.
If you take the time to explore the human body. Get a better idea of what is possible to be sewn and manufactured. Understand what type of clothing feels comfortable and why? Never stop observing and learning.

7: Do it for the fun

Because it’s not that hard to learn how to draw the face, hands, and hair of a model. It’s actually quite a fun and rewarding process.

Some designers just aren’t into drawing the body and that’s fine. In this case, they could use premade fashion figure templates and have all the benefits of a great fashion model to dress, without the efforts to sketch it.

Do you still think the model is something to neglect?


  1. Even though I may never become a fashion designer, I’m still drawing and practicing to make the best fashion figure I can. Right now, I draw everything that comes to my mind as far as clothes go. I use many different books for inspiration, but I know that’s very limited. It’s also just for me. But who knows… One day I may decide to become a true fashion designer, and it’s because of that I want my sketches to be professional.

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