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Why draw the fashion figure well in fashion design sketches

7 reasons to draw the fashion figure

If you have ideas of great designs in your imagination and you want others to see what you imagine you have two options: either draw the body very well or don’t draw it at all!

You don’t have the right to ruin the impression of your design ideas by having a poorly drawn fashion figure underneath. This is the easiest way to make your work look unprofessional and discourage people to get you serious. You either learn how to draw the fashion figure or you stick to presenting your designs just as flats.


Draw a nice fashion figure or no figure at all


Why you need to draw well the fashion figure in your sketches?

  • 1: Because it makes your designs look better.

A well drawn figure will highlight the best of your design. It is important to choose the right body base in a pose that will make the design the star of the artwork.

  • 2: Because it will make the viewer curious

A beautiful drawing will make the viewer want to take a closer look and give them the chance to appreciate the details of your design.

  • 3: No will power = no greatness

Because avoiding to fight something that challenges you only shows lack of will power and this is bad news for your future plans, isn’t it?

  • 4: It affects your design

Because the proportions of your design will be drawn correctly. If your figure has bad, short arms your design will have bad, short sleeves also. And you don’t what that- do you?

  • 5: Everyone likes perfect

Because we live in a world in which great presentation and the illusion of perfection is everything.

  • 6: Creativity boost

Knowing the anatomy and proportions will give you more creativity and more ideas.
If you take the time to explore the human body and see how we move you will have a better idea what is possible to be sewn and manufactured. Never stop observing.

  • 7: Do it for the fun

Because it’s not that hard to learn how to draw the face, hands and hair of a model. It’s actually quite fun and rewarding.

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For God’s sake be original!

It is okay to have artists and illustrators that you admire and to want to be as good as they are. But this does not equal to try to mimic their creative style. You will never be as good because you have not invented it – you have copied it.


  1. pls I need to know importance of drawing in fashion design

  2. I enjoy trying out your tutorials very much! :-)

  3. Even though I may never become a fashion designer, I’m still drawing and practicing to make the best fashion figure I can. Right now, I draw everything that comes to my mind as far as clothes go. I use many different books for inspiration, but I know that’s very limited. It’s also just for me. But who knows… One day I may decide to become a true fashion designer, and it’s because of that I want my sketches to be professional.

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