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  • fashion illustration changed forever

    Fashion Drawing Just Changed Forever!

    When I started I Draw Fashion in 2011, I was a recent Fashion Design graduate who felt a little bit different about my career choice than my colleagues. How it All Started I realized I didn’t want to become a…

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  • fashion illustration challenge

    Fashion illustration challenge

    Do you know that feeling that you think that you should be drawing more? Even though drawing fashion sketches is my job and my hobby I still get it sometimes.Taking the challenge to draw a new illustration every day is something I’ve always been…

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  • How-to-get-hired-in-the-fashion-industry3

    My tips to get a fashion job

    Getting the dream job in the fashion industry is not an easy task. Let me share my tips what to avoid and how you can make yourself a better candidate.

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  • custom-fashion-illustration-for-gift

    Gift idea: custom fashion illustration

    Recently I did a few custom fashion illustration portraits. They were purchased by lovely people who wanted to make an original gift to the people they love or decorate their Facebook wall with something unique. I think that a custom…

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