Fashion Drawing Just Changed Forever!

When I started I Draw Fashion in 2011, I was a recent Fashion Design graduate who felt a little bit different about my career choice than my colleagues.

How it All Started

I realized I didn’t want to become a fashion designer because drawing the clothes was way more exciting to me than the actual sewing and designing. Of course, this wasn’t the case for the majority of my colleagues and friends at the university. They loved to design, but creating nice-looking fashion sketches was a struggle for many of them and as you can imagine, a serious obstacle on their career path.

To me, fashion drawing was fun, easy, absolutely fascinating and I wanted so passionately to make more people experience it the same way as I do. That’s why one day I just decided to create an online blog and share my tips on how to make beautiful illustrations following easy steps.

Back then I believed and now I am 100% sure that everyone can draw given the right instructions and some practice.

At I Draw Fashion I always aimed to create the type of content and resources that I wish I had access to when I was younger but I didn’t: step-by-step tutorials, figure templates, videos, fashion contests…

And you know what was the wildest, the biggest thing I ever dreamed about? To find some sort of shortcut and gain professional drawing skills over night.

To all the designers out there sharing the same dream, I’m extremely excited and proud to present you my online fashion courses platform:  I Draw Fashion Academy

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Why The Academy is so Awesome? Because it Has:

  • Online courses
  • Step-by-step illustrated guides
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Demo videos
  • Practice sheets
  • Assignments
  • Personalized Feedback on your progress
  • Completion Certificate
  • Community
  • 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Webinars
  • Unlimited access from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world

The Real Game Changer:

The Academy is a real game-changer because it redefines fashion designing, making the creation of professional fashion sketches easy for anyone, no matter their age, location or experience.

It saves years of expensive classes, university fees and dozens of ruined sketch pads, providing in all the information needed without the fluff.

It is more than any book, video or tutorial because of the real feedback on your progress and the personalized tips and help from a professional fashion illustrator and university tutor.

What Won’t Change:

Creating I Draw Fashion Academy took me almost 2 years of hard work, but it is everything that my younger self could dream of and I will keep working to make it the most awesome place online for people who want to see a fast improvement in their drawing skills.

And of course, I will never ever stop publishing free tutorials and content at for all of you who have been supporting me all the years and love the free resources here :)

With love,


  1. Hi! How’re you doing? My name is Nawang and I’m from Delhi. I love to fashion designing and do illustration as well. I always wanted to become a designer. However, due to financial problem I couldn’t study fashion designing. Just wanted to ask, do you have any idea where I can show my fashion sketches and designs so that I can put my passion and creativity and make it real?

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