Fashion illustration challenge

Figure Templates for Fashion Designers

Do you know that feeling that you think that you should be drawing more? Even though drawing fashion sketches is my job and my hobby I still get it sometimes.
Taking the challenge to draw a new illustration every day is something I’ve always been capable to find excuses not to do. I know the reward of leveling up your skills is sweet – I was just too busy, bored, tired, uninspired to do it. Well….enough with stupid excuses! I am proud to present to you my new series of fashion illustrations!
If you like the series follow me on Facebook ( a special page for these drawings) or my Instagram page.  I am going to add new artwork often.

What do you think of my Sketch Divas? Would you take the challenge too?

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  1. Am a beginner in fashion & fabric & am having s lot of changes in sketching my work. Hope to learn a lot from you.

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