• Fashion-illustration—fashion–sketch–design-flat–cover2

    Fashion Sketch vs. Fashion Illustration vs. Flats

    What is the difference between a fashion sketch and a fashion illustration? As part of the society working and creating in the fashion industry, you will encounter both terms quite often and it is likely to get confused about which…

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  • Comissioned-fashion-illustration-for-blog-cover2

    My process of illustrating: new blog cover

    This illustration was created for the stunning model and blogger from Vanity Afro. She contacted me to help her create a new blog cover where she would pose in a beautiful designer dress. She wanted the portrait to communicate both…

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  • How-to-get-hired-in-the-fashion-industry3

    My tips to get a fashion job

    Getting the dream job in the fashion industry is not an easy task. Let me share my tips what to avoid and how you can make yourself a better candidate.

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  • Speed painting on fashion design template 008_1

    SPEED PAINTING: Fashion Template 008

    I have always loved to watch the speed painting of other artists and try to learn from them. Of course, the videos are very fast and you hardly see what the artist is doing but the pleasure that you get…

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  • 9 ways to sell your fashion design sketches 4 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

    9 ways to sell your fashion design sketches

    After publishing the post “The price of your designs” where I talk about properly pricing your work  I received many emails asking for more info on how to make money from your designs.  So let’s talk today about how and…

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  • Morning-fashion-illustration-by-Teya-Bozhilova

    For God’s sake be original!

    It is okay to have artists and illustrators that you admire and to want to be as good as they are. But this does not equal to try to mimic their creative style. You will never be as good because…

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  • how-to-use-colors

    The meaning of colors

    Today I’ve been thinking about color – how do we use it in our fashion sketches to communicate different messages. Is our art becoming limited by working with the same color palette every time? How color changes the meaning of…

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  • Why draw the fashion figure well in fashion design sketches

    7 reasons to draw the fashion figure well

    If you have great clothing ideas you want to show, there are only two options: either draw the fashion figure well, or don’t draw it at all! You really can’t afford to ruin the impression of your design ideas by…

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  • fashion-illustration-making

    A kitten – the making of one illustration

    In this post, I will share the stages of the March 2015 fashion illustration. The software I used is Clip Studio Paint and the illustration was finished in about 3 hours. I hope you like it! This Content is Available For I…

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  • how-much-money-are-my-fashion-designs-worth-to-sell

    The price of your designs

    As an aspiring fashion designer sooner or later you will meet somebody willing to buy and manufacture your designs. This is a turning point for your career: turning your hobby to something that brings you funds. It is a big moment…

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  • custom-fashion-illustration-for-gift

    Gift idea: custom fashion illustration

    Recently I did a few custom fashion illustration portraits. They were purchased by lovely people who wanted to make an original gift to the people they love or decorate their Facebook wall with something unique. I think that a custom…

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  • fashion illustration horoscope signs

    Fashion Sketches: The Zodiac Signs

    One of the things that inspired me to a become fashion illustrator was a horoscope page of a magazine that I saw when I was about 9 years old. So amazingly beautiful illustrations! I cut them and spent hours trying…

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  • The-importance-of-eyebrows-in-fashion-design-sketches-index

    The importance of eyebrows in fashion sketches

    Are you a designer or artist who likes to draw his fashion sketches with faces and play with the features and expressions of his muse?If so this article will give you a fun visual of how much our perception changes…

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  • 10-Tips-how-to-become-a-fashion-designer

    10 things aspiring fashion designers are doing wrong

    We all make mistakes. Until we realize there is a better way and we choose to improve. In this post, you will find a list of the 10 most common mistakes young fashion designers make. If you find yourself doing any…

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