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the 3 fashion books that changes my life

TOP 3 Fashion Books that you must have

I have this obsession with fashion books. I collect everything I can put my hands on – books for fashion design and fashion illustration, drawing manual, catalogs….everything! When I enter a bookstore the Fashion Design sector is where I head to directly.

As you can imagine this led to a wonderful library of many fashion and drawing books collected during the years. Some of them had a really huge impact on my development as a fashion illustrator and designer and I want to share with you which these pieces of gold are.

9 heads



The book “9 heads” is a classic. I have seen this book in the collections of almost all of my teachers and it was a dream of mine to own it.  It is something like Fashion Drawing Bible for people who wish to know everything on the topic of creating beautiful fashion sketches. The newest edition has all the traditional from A-to-Z content plus tips on how to use Photoshop for fashion design drawing.  It also shows how to draw technical sketches (flats) which is very useful skill for upcoming fashionistas.

Fashion Illustration for Designers


I have written in before about this amazing book by Kathryn Hagen titled “Fashion illustration for Designers” here. Simply because it is in deed one of the most valuable books in my library.

I love that it explains in a very approachable way all aspects of the figure drawing. It shows how to draw different ethnicities which is not found very often in this type of literature. It demonstrates in an excellent and easy to understand way how to draw folds and all types of fabrics: rule, feathers, silk, leather etc… But what I love most about it is actually that it shows you how to use markers and color pencils for mind-blowing rendering.  There are so many illustrations and just enough text in this book that I believe should be on the book shelf of every designer.


Advanced Fashion Drawing


For me it is a priceless this book. I dare to claim that it gave me more knowledge and skills than my 4 years training in Fashion University. Why is it so special? While books that explain the basics in fashion drawing are pretty common, stumbling upon a quality read for more advanced illustrators is really rare. Once you become good it becomes harder to improve your skills. This book is definitely not for beginners. It is for the artists that already know how to draw the anatomy and the proportions well, but lack this….expressive quality in their fashion sketches. “Advanced Fashion Drawing” by Bill Donovan features techniques and exercises that changed for good my illustrations and showed me how to draw in a more spontaneous and confident way.



  1. I am into fashion and drawing but i feel like I am bad at drawing and I want to be better at things when it comes to fashion. Do you have any tips?

  2. Btw, any recommendations for drawing male bodies?

  3. I alredy have “Advanced Fashion Drawing” in its spanish version, I do need the others two… better in Spanish… Regards, keep working, I’m a fan!

  4. can you pleasssse do one on fashion illustration materials. I find it difficult to use the right materials for designs.

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