33 Gift Ideas For Fashion Designers and Illustrators

It’s not an easy task to choose gifts for creative people around, is it? What makes the task even harder is if our friend is a fashion designer or illustrator who is not only creative but also has excellent taste.

I created this list to help you find the perfect gift for fashion designers around you. These gifts ideas are selected so that they are suitable for both advanced and beginner designers. There are items that will serve your friends on their fashion journey and in their daily life. Take time to scroll over the suggestions below and find out the best one for your close person. Good luck!

1. Sewing Kit

This is something that every fashion designer needs to own! All of the sewing basics are in the set – mini scissors, seam ripper, measuring tape, needles, thread, etc. It’s also easy to take it anywhere with you because it doesn’t take much space and it’s lightweight.

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Price Range: $5 to $35

2. Fabric Scissors

Fabric scissors are a very important tool in the designer’s job. They need to be well sharpened and with special long blades to allow easy cutting of both thin and thick textiles.

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Price Range: $5 to $26

3. Fashion Templates Book

A fashion templates book is an excellent gift idea for fashion designers and illustrators, especially if they are beginners. These books offer pre-drawn body bases and the designer simply draws the clothing over them. They save a lot of time and are easy to use and reuse.

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Price Range: $8 to $25

4. Textile Chalk

Textile chalk is a tool for drafting the pattern over the fabric. The textile chalk is selling in different colors so you can choose the one that fits best for your fashion designer friend’s personality.

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Price Range: $6 to $17

5. Wrist Pin Cushion

Wrist pin cushions are a really handy gift for fashion designers because they will never lose the pins and needles while working again. Plus, they come in a variety of adorable fabrics and shapes. Order a pack of straight pins to go with this gift!

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Price Range: $6 to $13

6. Designer Curve Rulers

These ones are needed for pattern making. If your fashion designer friend still doesn’t own one of these, make them happy and take this gift for them.

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Price Range: $8 to $30

7. Pattern Making Book

If you wonder what gift will be of great use for a fashion designer who is now starting his fashion journey, this is the answer. Such a book is the best recourse for fashion inspiration and tips for pattern making. Before you give this gift make sure you know in which branch of the fashion design your friend prefers: womenswear, menswear, kidswear ect.

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Price Range: $16 to $60

8. Mannequin Body Torso

Designers use these mannequins to test how the clothing fits before they put it on the client. Mannequins can be used for moulage techniques and drape making. As a bonus, they are great decor for the room!

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Price Range: $40 to $160

9. A Biography Book of A Fashion Designer

A biography book of his / her favorite fashion designer is a great gift idea. It provides great inspiration to your fashion designer friend. Such a book will provoke creative ideas and give your friend valuable information about what it really means to be a successful fashion designer.

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Price Range: $20 to $63

10. Technical Flats Drawing Books

This book is a great resource for any fashion designer. Especially for those who have a lot of design ideas but are not interested in the pattern making/sewing process. If this is the case, the designer needs to draw technical sketches for the tailor. The technical flat holds all the important information about the clothing and the tailor can sew it on their own.

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Price Range: $25 to $80

11. Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are the most wonderful drawing supply! They are one of the things that are always welcome in every designer’s art tools collection. With them, drawing different textiles such as denim, fur, plaid, wool, chiffon and transparent fabric of any kind is easy. I recommend you to buy colored pencils and other drawing supplies in sets so that there is a nice selection of colors.

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Price Range: $28 to $43

12. Art Supplies Organizer

Like any other professional, designers take their job very seriously and responsibly. To help your friend keep their workspace nice and tidy, an organizer for art materials would be a great gift. It is best to choose one with more barriers to collect more art supplies from different types.

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Price Range: $13 to $50

13. Makeup charts

A great gift idea for fashion designers is a face charts book where they can play around and experiment with different makeup looks. There are makeup books with models of different ethnicities and face shapes to make it even more fun!

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Price Range: $9.99

14. Rolling Ball Pens

Black ink rolling ball pens are such a help to every fashion illustrator. It doesn’t matter if they use them to outline their illustrations, draw tiny details or to create graphic illustrations, black ink pens are always a good choice! Take a few pens in different sizes and pack them in a mini organizer. Now you have the perfect gift for your fashion designer friend!

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Price Range: $15 to $65

15. Rotary Cutter for Fabr

With this tool, the designer can easily transfer the pattern from the paper to the fabric. This is a great gift to fashion designers who love sewing clothes because it will save them precious time.

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Price Range: $10 to $25

16. Brushes & Brush Bag Holder

Art supplies are always in demand, especially brushes. There are different kinds of brushes to use: rounded and flat ones. When buying brushes get equal number rounded and flat ones with different sizes. Natural hair brushes are a little bit more expensive but the quality is greater and they will last longer. To protect the brushes from damage, get also a brush bag holder and this way your gift will be perfectly completed!

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Price Range: $13 to $30

17. Watercolors

Where there are paintbrushes, there are watercolors! No matter if the watercolors are in tubes or in pans, always choose to invest in more expensive, professional brands. Their quality is greater and this shows in the coverage and color intensity while painting. Better buy a few quality paints than a large range of cheap colors.

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Price Range: $25 to $60

18. Paint Palette

A color palette is a must-have tool for every artist and fashion illustrator. This is where the magical blending of colors happens. There are a lot of different sizes and shapes of palettes but better choose larger ones that can hold more colors.

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Price Range: $7 to $20

19. Sketchbook

The sketchbook is where the artists are expressing and collecting their creative ideas. It is a great gift for artists! There are different types of sketchbooks as with other art tools. Some work well for pencils, others for watercolors. When buying a sketchbook, better be safe and pick one that is good for different painting tools

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Price Range: $10 to $30

19. Color Pastels

Color pastels are another great art supplies that are suitable either for beginner and advanced fashion designers and illustrators. There are two types of color pastels: soft pastels and oil pastels. The difference between them is that the soft ones create chalk-like texture and they blend nicely on smooth paper. Oil pastels, on the other hand, provide oily texture and are suitable to use on a paper with a rough texture.

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Price Range: $15 to $65

20. Portfolio Case

This is where fashion artists and fashion designers keep their sketches, illustrations, and ideas. It is an easy way to carry around your artwork wherever you are going. So if your friend/relative/colleague still doesn’t own one of these, hurry up and get one for them!

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Price Range: $17 to $80

21. Cup With an Inspirational Quote

Here is a convenient gift idea for designers. They simply love such kind of things! Fashion designers spend a lot of time working over their sketches and they can be very picky about what they put on their desks. Choose a cup with an inspirational quote to keep them motivated!

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Price Range: $10 to $20

22. Decorative Pillow

The same goes for pillows. If your fashion designer friend likes to feel comfortable in their daily life, one of the best gifts you can give them a cozy pillow with a nice inspirational quote. It’s something that will keep them motivated and will remind them of you.

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Price Range: $8 to $18

23. Fashion-themed Phone Case

In times where phones are the most used subject in our daily life, a beautiful phone case with a designer print or logo would be a great gift for the contemporary fashion designer and illustrator.

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Price range: $9 to $30

24. Sewing Machine

Every designer needs to have a sewing machine no matter if he/she is a beginner or has more advanced skills. If you decide to give this gift to your friend my advice is to choose one with more functions that will allow them to experiment and do more creative seams.

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Price range: $65 to $1500

25. Online Courses

Knowledge is the most valuable gift! Purchasing an online course for your fashion designer friend will give them invaluable skills and improvement. It will help your friends immensely because more skills mean more job opportunities in the future!

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Price range: $99 to $149

26. Copic Markers

Markers are a great gift idea for the professional designers. There are plenty of markers brands, but the best one is the Japanese brand called Copic. When buying Copic markers get them in a set, this way you will save money.

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Price range: $11 to $316

27. Ipad

This is an appropriate gift for those fashion designers and illustrators, who are interested in digital drawing. Take in mind that the iPad works for drawing only in combination with a special drawing program, for which you are going to read about in a few rows below.

Find on Apple

Price Range: $329 to $799

28. Wacom Graphic Tablet

A graphic tablet is an alternative tool for the iPad. The difference between the two is that the Graphic Tablet needs to be plugged in a computer device so you can draw with it, while the iPad can be used independently. As well as the iPad, the Graphic Tablet can be used only with art programs software. Wacom is the most popular manufacturer of graphic tablets. There are three kinds of Wacom graphic tablets – pen tablets, pen displays tablets, and pen computers tablets.

Find on Wacom

Price Range: $59,95 to $3,499.95

30. Xp-Pen Graphic Tablet

Xp-pen tablets are an excellent gift for fashion designers who love to sketch. Xp-pen offers the same quality as Wacom, but at much more affordable proce range. This particulat model – Artist 13.3 Pro is beginners friendly and is loved by professionals too.
It can be the first and last tablet your designer friend will ever need. It supports all sorts of drawing apps like Photoshop, Painter, Krita, Gimp etc.

Find on Xp-pen website

Price: $31 – $279

30. Procreate

This program is most commonly used by professional creators all over the world. It works on iPads only! The app is rich in features and has a clean interface that’s easy for beginners to understand. Features include brush customization and a perspective ruler. It is really comfortable to work with this program because you can wear it on your iPad wherever you want, this way you won’t lose a moment of inspiration whenever it comes.

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Price: $9,99

31. Clip Studio Paint

This is a Japanese app created for digital artists. It can be used both on a computer and on an iPad. The desktop version is a one-time payment while the iPad is a monthly subscription plan. The app offers creative tools that you can’t find in other programs: 3D body figures that you can easily manipulate in different poses, different textiles and multiple brushes for fashion designers.

Find on ClipStudio for Desktop version (Windows/macOS)
Find on AppStore for iPad version

Price Range: Desktop: $49.99 to $219.00 / iPad: $4.49 to $8.99

32. Fashion Exhibition Ticket

There is no Artist in the world who wouldn’t love to go to an exhibition! There are so many annually fashion exhibitions around the world, so go find the perfect one for your fashion addict friends and buy them a ticket.

Link 1
Link 2

Price Range: $13 to over $80

33. Fashion Week Show Ticket

Attending a Fashion Week Show is what every fashion designer and person interested in fashion design dreams of! Before you buy the ticket research who is your friend’s favorite fashion designer and in which show they take part in. Then find out the dates and venues and get the ticket!

Find Tickets on FashionWeekOnline

Price Range: $450 to $1300

I hope these gift ideas were helpful to you and that you’ve found the most suitable gift for your fashion designer friend. If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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