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SPEED PAINTING: Fashion Template 008

I have always loved to watch speed painting of other artist and try to learn from them. Of course the videos are very fast and you hardly see what the artist is doing but the pleasure that you get from watching something come to live is amazing. I think that there are not enough good  videos of fashion drawing and in the same time so many people love to sketch designs and would love to watch them in my opinion.
Yesterday while working on Fashion Template 008 for my new website I decided to record my process and share it with you.

My new website I Fashion Templates is where I will post figure templates for fashion designing in nice and cool poses. Fashion templates are commonly used by designers to speed up the creation of their collections and to have better looking sketches. There are templates for Women, Men, Kids and big promotions every month so if you’re looking  to boost the way your fashion sketches look this is a place worth visiting.

Enough talking! Let’s draw!


I hope you enjoyed the video and was able to see a bit more about my process. I have used the program Clip Studio Paint and a graphic tablet Wacom Cintiq 13HD to make this illustration. The duration of the process was about one hour. You can make sure not to miss my new videos by subscribing to I Draw Fashion’s YouTube Channel

Be inspired! Be creative!


  1. Hi dear,

    I use Clip Studio Paint for my digital fashion illustrations. They have a free 30 days trial. I’d recommend you to give it a try – I’m sure you will love it.

  2. hey what app or program are you using to do this

  3. Hi Sidra,
    This is an excellent question! How to create a fashion blog I certainly something that I will write about in future.
    For pricing your artwork properly I would advice you to go to websites that sell artwork like Etsy and check the average pricing of other illustrators. You should of course take into consideration your experience & recognition in the field – depending on it the price might go up or down.
    I hope this helps!


  4. how can we sell our sketches and how much can we earn by one sketch.
    what’s the procedure to make a fashion blog.

  5. Dear Bob,
    I am working on my first book and course. Please stay tuned! :)



  7. I want it as it’s my only dream and hope to become a famous designer,all says that we should choose our carrier in the basis of the status we have!But I want to prove them wrong as I believe if you can dream big you can achieve it too no matter how tough it seems.

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