Body parts

  • how-to-draw-hands-step-by-step-easy-for-beginners_

    The easiest way to draw hands

    Drawing the hands of the model is a challenge not only for beginner fashion designers and illustrators but also for artists with more experience. My “How to Draw Hands” tutorial might have been helpful, but if you’re still struggling your…

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  • how-to-draw-hands-correctly-in-fashion-sketches-step-by-step-tutorial-cover

    How to draw hands

    Drawing the hands right is essential for a good-looking fashion sketch and illustration. This step by step tutorial will help you understand the basics of drawing hands and will show you how to create unique and interesting hands positions for…

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    How to draw arms

    In this tutorial, you will learn to draw arms in a few easy to follow steps. Understanding how to properly draw the arms and the legs can dramatically improve your fashion sketches and give you a big advantage in the…

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  • how to draw legs step by step tutorial cover

    How to draw legs

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw legs in your fashion sketches and illustrations. In fashion drawing, the legs are the body part that is the most idealized. Note that they don’t need to be realistic – they…

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  • HOW-to-draw-the-female-torso-step-by-step-cover

    How to draw female torso

    Drawing a proportional, well-shaped body may look challenging to you. In this tutorial, you will discover the steps needed to make it look right quickly and easily with no effort. Learn how to draw the torso and chest in fashion…

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