How to draw female torso

Drawing a proportional, well-shaped body may look challenging to you. In this tutorial, you will discover the steps needed to make it look right quickly and easily with no effort. Learn how to draw the torso and chest in fashion design sketches and have fun!

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 6 min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 4/10

How to draw a female torso in 11 steps:

Step 1: Draw the head

Draw an egg-shaped ellipse that will be the head of your model. Leave enough space for the body. Once you have it, pull down a vertical Centerline for the torso.

Step 2: Shoulder line

Draw a horizontal line half-head below the chin. This is the shoulder line and also marks the length of the neck.

One of the reasons fashion illustrations look that graceful is the long necks of the models. Don’t be afraid to draw a neck longer than half the head size, but avoid making them shorter. A shorter neck will give your model a masculine look.

Step 3: Torso guidelines

First, make two ellipses one next to another right under the shoulder line. They should be the same size as the head and touch the Centerline. Make them one from each side.
Then, draw a third “head” between and under the latter two. The torso Centerline should separate it in the middle. It is essential that you draw all the ellipses the same size in order that your model does not result in an unproportionate figure.

Step 4: Draw chests guidelines

Begin by drawing a feminine neck that is slightly curved towards the Centerline in the middle.
Then, touching the upper two ellipses draw two smaller circles. The size of those is about ¼ of the head. Make one from the left side and one for the right.
The circles in the lower half of the upper two ellipses mark the breasts of the model.

Step 5: Nice curves

Shape the shoulders. Try to make them slightly narrowed and follow the outline of the small circles in the end.
Next, shape the breasts as shown in the picture. Make sure to leave enough space between the shoulder line and the chest.
To draw the waist find the middle of the head frame and make two narrow lines. Follow the guidelines of the ellipse.

Step 6: Rib cage

Connect the waist and the breast by curved lines. These are for the rib cage.

Step 7: The details make it work

Follow the circle guideline of the breast and add short lines from the opposite side of the outline you already have.
Mark the belly-button close to the bottom of the last head frame.
For the breastbone draw a small circle where the shoulder line and the torso Centerline cross. Connect it with the shoulders by narrowed (up) lines.

Step 8: Pelvis guidelines

Soften the line of the collarbone.
Draw two circles from both sides of the Centerline again. These are the frame for the pelvis.
Mark the crotch.

Step 9: Bones

Find the middle of the last ellipses and connect the waist and the crotch forming a diamond-like shape.
Just below the waistline draw two circles with the same size as those used for the shoulders.

Step 10: Cure the pelvis

Outline the pelvis with soft curves. Don’t forget the small circles.

Step 11: Add the legs

Erase all the guidelines you don’t need and draw the legs and arms that you’d like. It’s up to you!

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It doesn’t look right! Common mistakes:

Mistake 1: The neck and the collarbone are among the most beautiful things about models. Have your time to draw thew properly. The breasts shouldn’t be too pushed up.

Mistake 2: Follow the guidelines you have drawn for the hips or you risk to make your model too curvy.

Mistake 3: The waist is too thin. Watch out for this common mistake!

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