How to draw a jacket

Ever wondered how to draw a jacket? This might seem like a difficult task, but once you learn the basics it will be one of your favorite garments to draw and design. A nice, good-looking jacket will add sophistication to a dress, a flared skirt, a business suit, even jeans. “Dress for success” and have fun with the new tutorial!

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 14min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, markers, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 7/10

How to draw a jacket in 7 steps:

Step 1: Button place

Once you have prepared the fashion figure start by finding a good place for the jacket closing. There are no strict rules, but in many jackets, the first button will be below the chests.
Make sure you place the button on the torso Centerline.


Step 2: Neckline

The jacket neckline is a deep “V” shape starting from the shoulders and ending close to the button. It is important to start the “V” from the place where the neck and the shoulders connect. If this point is moved out then the jacket will look sloppy and badly tailored.
Draw a vertical line from the right side of the button to indicate the overlapping closure.

The closure of men and women jackets is differently situated. In women’s jackets the overlapping will be towards the right, is men’s – towards the left side.

Draw a jacket - neckline

Step 3: More guidelines

Make a horizontal “V” below the collarbones. This will be your guideline to draw the collar and lapel, which are the tricky part of jackets. Notice that the lower arm of the “V” is longer than the upper one.
Starting from the point where the neckline touches the shoulders draw two little triangular shapes. They indicate that the collar is 3-dimensional and turns around the neck.
Finally, add the finishing hem at the bottom of the jacket.

How to draw a jacket guidelines

Step 4: Draw the collar and lapel

The collar and the lapels are some of the spots where you can really design and make the jacket look unique. In the example illustration you will see the classic version, but feel free to design it your own way.
Make sure that the collar is turning around the neck, as shown, and that the lapels end a little bit before they reach the button.

How to draw a jacket - collar and lapel

Step 5: Outlines

You can play with the silhouette and the proportions now. Just remember to leave enough space from the body outline.
Drawing every kind of clothing too fit is a common mistake. The body needs air to breathe. Leave enough space, especially when you’re designing coats, jackets, and pants.

The clothes might be slim fitting, but this doesn’t mean they’re stick to the body. Always leave some space, except for when you’re drawing elastic fabric, leggings and swimsuits.

How to draw a business jacket outlines

Step 6: Draw some folds

After you’ve defined the silhouette it’s time to draw the folds and make it look believable. Draw wrinkles around the elbow and the waist and don’t forget to mark 1-2 lines around the button. The lines shouldn’t be parallel – draw them freehand with different lengths.

How to draw a business jacket step by step tutorial

Step 7: Add the details

This is the stage where the designing comes back. Draw the hems of the jacket in the inner part of the sleeve, the princess hems, add some pockets and additional buttons if you like. Decorations are welcome!

How to draw a business jacketl for fashion sketches

Don’t forget to experiment! Draw a jacket that adds to the modern silhouette of our designs and have fun!

Fashion illustration of a jacket by Teya Bozhilova

Jackets come in many variations

Play with the lapels form and the hems and you will get different results every time. Move the closure up or down. Make it shorter or longer – it’s up to your creativity now. Check another alternative way to draw the collar in the tutorial “How to draw a leather jacket“.

Different types and kinds of jackets for women in fashion


  1. hi!! love ya tutorials and i have a request: can you please make a tutorial on how to make a bomber jacket and a varsity jacket cause i’m thinking about making Harley Quinn’s Suicide squad jacket. if you could do that it would really help me, Thanks!

  2. Hey love ya tutorials and I have a request: could you please make a tutorial on how to draw a bomber jacket and a varsity jacket cause I’m planning to sew Harley Quinn’s Suicide squad jacket it would really help, thanks!

  3. Hi this is a good website but it needs more pics and more help cos I don’t really get it also can you post how to draw leather shorts and teas heart but MOST of a how to draw wedding dresses!!!!!!

  4. [quote name=”Maliha”]Hey Teya! Loved it! But could you show us a step by step on how to draw leather jackets? :-) Love you :-*[/quote]
    Sure! Stay tuned for updates :)

  5. Hey Teya! Loved it! But could you show us a step by step on how to draw leather jackets? :-) Love you :-*

  6. Oh how I love to ‘try’ to draw. I adore this site.
    Can’t seem to stay away! Thank you!

  7. thank you jesus for this site!!! lol I needed to learn how to draw and I was afraid it was going to be hard but I got it!! I want to draw more!! I want to learn how to make cutout dresses and maxi skirts. I haven’t explored it all yet but I am looking on the site now. im excited! thank you! :-)

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    It helped me alot to imorove my drawing
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    I’m glad you’re enjoying it here! How to draw sunglasses is the next tutorial to come :)

  11. I just found this website and really love it i was wondering if you could maybe post how to draw a hooded sweater, button up shirt and sunglasses :lol: thanks

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