How to draw skinny jeans

If you’ve wondered how to draw skinny jeans and not knowing it has stopped you from creating great fashion designs, then this is your place! This step by step tutorial will cover the basics of drawing jeans, starting with the skinny jeans type. You can later add some additional effects to you sketch like the torn effect shown in the “How to draw ripped jeans” tutorial.

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 10 min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, colored pencils, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 5/10

How to draw skinny jeans in 6 steps:

Step 1: Preparation

In the first place, you need to draw the legs of your model in the pose that you want them to be. Sketch the waistline and the hemline.
Noticed how the waistline is slopping? This is because our model is standing on her left leg only.

Always draw the waistline inclined from the supporting towards the relaxed leg.

Step 2: Add some volume to your skinny jeans

Even though the fashion figure is really skinny the tummy creates a volume that makes the waistline curve down in that area. Curve it up again when it reaches the supporting leg. Draw parallel lines to hint the belt and the hem.
Regardless of how skinny the jeans that you are drawing may be, there is always some extra volume to add around the legs. It may be barely visible, but add it in case you don’t want your jeans to look as stitched tights.

Step 3: Draw the seams of your jeans

Draw the seams following the form of the leg. Mark where the belt loops are going to be.

Step 4: Draw jeans’ creases and folds

Drawing the creases and folds of a clothing is crucial in order to make one fashion illustration look professional and well done. For tips on how to draw folds on pants different than jeans, check the How to draw folds tutorial here.

The creases around the crotch have to be drawn like this: those of the supporting leg go up, and those of the relaxed one, are curved around the leg.
The knee creases of the supporting leg are just over and under the knee, as it’s the most bulging part of the body there. The creases of the relaxed leg are radial as shown.
There are also some small folds at the bottom of the jeans.
Draw the pockets and the closing.

Step 5: Touch realistic looks

The folds affect also the outline of the clothes. Crinkle the outline everywhere you have creases.
To create the illusion of wrapping around make the size of the belt loops bigger and let the belt itself wrap the body adding volume from the sides.
Draw the button of the jeans.

Step 6: Add details

Here you give your jeans stitching around the pockets and the seams.
Draw the buttonhole adding just two little dashes and don’t forget the little pocket, that is so, so typical for jeans.

Now that you completed this tutorial you are ready to draw skinny jeans in different colors, shapes, and styles. Be creative and design your own unique collection. Work on the buttons, stitching, and pockets to make each design different. If you don’t feel sure about drawing denim fabric check out the How to draw denim tutorial or if you want to draw pants with a whole different texture you can check out the How to draw a leather pants tutorial.

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