How to draw folds: Collar

Learning how to draw folds on the clothes is definitely one of the most important things if you want to master the drawing of fashion sketches. Adding the folds will immediately give your designs a finished and professional look and they will look more realistic. Nobody says that you have to show every single fold on the clothes- this is a photographer’s work. The fashion illustrator’s job is to be selective and to draw only the most important. Here are some tips…

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 6min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, markers, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 4/10

How to draw folds: Collar in 6 steps:

Step 1: Classic collar

Let’s start with a very simple, classic collar shape. After you have created the outlines of the blouse it’s time to make it look made of fabric, instead of plastic. Look at the outline of the collar. The folds that you’re creating should follow its direction. This blouse is pretty close to the body and the fabric is stretched. This will affect the folds: they won’t be very long and they will be placed relatively close to the shoulders.

The longer the folds are, the deeper they look. The closer to the center they are, the heavier the fabric will appear.

In the last stage draw a little bit outside of the shoulder’s line. This will give the impression that the blouse is on another top layer and is not part of the figure.

How to draw collar folds

Step 2: Polo shirt

The folds on a polo shirt would act a little bit differently. Assuming that the model of the polo is not very tight to the body you can leave more distance from the shoulders to the beginning of the folds. Notice how the second fold is not a curved line, but more like waterdrop. This makes it look deeper. Again, folds follow the collar outline.

Folds may be in various shapes. They remind straight or curved line: ”( “ “|” and the letters : “Y” “V” “D” “O”. The more opened and curved a fold is, the deeper and bigger it will look. 

Since you now have deeper folds this will affect the outline of the collar too. The line won’t repeat the body form, it should be wavy and of course, placed a little bit outside of the neck underneath.

How to draw folds in fashion

Step 3: Cowl neckline

How to draw folds for a cowl neckline

If you caught the logic in the previous two steps you might already have an idea how to draw a draped neckline. The folds of such a neckline are big and deep. This means that they should start at a bigger distance from the shoulders and should look more “opened”. Notice how the folds are not touching each other and how rich in fold forms the neckline is. Folds follow the collar outline. The volume created over the shoulders in the last step should be also dramatic – draw nice, big waves, since the folds are deep and they create more relieve on the outline.

Step 4: Accessorized

How to draw folds step by step tutorial

Let’s say you are designing a one-shoulder top, hold by an accessory. The accessory is pulling the fabric and changes the direction of the folds, which would otherwise follow the outline of the collar. Now the folds are spread as sunrises and their form is thinner in the beginning and more opened in the end.
Draw them in various lengths to make the illustration interesting to look at.
In the 3rd stage, the outline is deformed, the waves are intensive, more like zigzag- with constantly changing size.

Step 5: Sexy and modest

How to draw folds sexy and modest

This is a polo made of elastic fabric. This means that it’s very close to the body and it’s stretched. When you draw slim-fitting clothes this doesn’t save you from drawing the folds. They are just more delicate and fewer. Draw tiny folds around the collar without pushing too hard with the pencil. Mark at least one fold from the shoulder and notice how the button is a pressure point-if there wasn’t a button the top would look very different. Emphasize on it.

Step 6: Buttoned up

How to draw folds tutorial

Here is how you can draw the folds of a shirt or a blouse with buttons. The point where most of the pressure happens is, of course, the bottoms. By drawing tiny little folds around them you can show that. Try not to overwork with these wrinkles, since the blouse will look like 2 sizes smaller than it should be. Remember always to add volume to the shoulders zone.

how to draw folds in fashion sketches step by step tutorial

Drawing the folds can be a really fun and exciting part of creating your design. Don’t miss it just because you believe it’s difficult. I hope this tutorial showed you that it’s not that hard. Have you checked the “How to draw folds: pants” tutorial yet?


  1. i want to become a fashion designer but i don’t know any thing about it i visited your website plzzzzz tell me how to draw designs from beigning beause i’m new plzz

  2. hey these are awsome i really love it :-) sured my friends loved em too keep styling guys :D

  3. well i desin dressis an an on my 8th one an i am ding ok but i am going to try to put them up some time so when i put up pleas tell me what you think

  4. this was really helpful. :-)
    And do you know any fashion designers willing to help someone out?

  5. Very helpful! i’ve been needing this for some time now, :lol: if your gonna make some more fold tutorials, what would they be about? jean, jackets, skirts, ect.

  6. [quote name=”sally”]this tutorial is very helful. u wrote that ur gonna have a new website. my question is what is it called.[/quote]
    Hey Sally,
    The new website will be opened soon.
    I’m still working on the finishing touches, but there will be a grand opening :) You’ll know it’s name :)

  7. this tutorial is very helful. u wrote that ur gonna have a new website. my question is what is it called.

  8. [quote name=”anonymous”]Thanks for the tutorial.I would love if you could do a tutorial about a fashion collection,you know what I mean?Like what our collection portofolio should have(fabrics,accesories,clothes…).
    Hope you can do this soon..Smooches![/quote]

    Hello and thank you for the wonderful idea! I should definitely do such tutorial!

  9. Thanks for the tutorial.I would love if you could do a tutorial about a fashion collection,you know what I mean?Like what our collection portofolio should have(fabrics,accesories,clothes…).
    Hope you can do this soon..Smooches!

  10. Wow! this was really helpful, time to print and add to my binder! I can’t wait for any more that you make about folds. Great job! :D

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