How to draw a floral print

In this tutorial, you will find an easy to do the way of drawing floral prints. Actually it is a technique that could be applied to any kind of prints and make your fashion sketches even better looking. Follow the steps and have fun!

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 10min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, an eraser, markers and/or colored pencils
Difficulty level: 6/10

How to draw a floral print in 9 steps:

Step 1: Draw a floral print basics

Before you start you need to draw with clean lines the clothes that are about to get your print design. Make sure you have all the details carefully drawn and all the unnecessary lines- erased.

How to draw the basics for a floral print

Step 2: The secret of drawing floral prints

The most essential thing about drawing any kind of pattern is to remember that clothes are not flat. If the fabric is distorted in any way, so will be its print too.
In the example illustration, I have marked with red the folds that stand out closer to the viewer.

Quick technique to understand which part of the ruffles or folds is closer to you: try to close your eyes and think of the clothes as if they were made of clay.

When drawing prints always have in mind that the pattern will get transform according to the volume of the clothes. So think in advance for the volume and the folds you have.

How to draw a floral print for fashion design

Step 3: The folds Distortion Rule

To make sure that all the flowers are the same size and are evenly spread over the fabric, simplify their form and start filling the surface of the dress.
Notice how their shape gets distorted because of the volume of the folds. Don’t just draw the pattern, but think of the volumes you identified in the previous step.
When the print is passing through a red shaded area it moves slightly up!

The deepest the folds are, the more distorted the pattern gets.

How to draw the folds of a floral print

Step 4: Fill in

Fill the rest of the dress surface with the print. Note that sometimes the center of the flower will happen to be in the deepest part of a fold. In this situation, you will move the tips of the florets slightly up, as they intersect with the Red shaded areas.

How to position the floral pattern

Step 5: Edges

Draw flowers that are at the outline of the dress. Cut them in half or in other creative ways to show that they are wrapping around the body. Keep following the Folds distortion rule when you pass through Red shaded areas.

How to draw prints for fashion design - floral print

Step 6: Floral patterns

Once you have set the number, size, and interaction with folds of your flower design it is time to draw it with more details. Don’t forget about your previous work here – follow closely the flower guidelines with all their distortions.

How to draw floral patterns

Step 7: Add details

Finish all the details of your flower print. Add leaves, sparkles or whatever you like to make it look beautiful. Use your imagination, be creative!

Adding details to a floral print

Step 8: Color it!

It is time to fill your fashion design with fun, vibrant spring colors or tender muted tones. Pick shades that will bring out the best of your design.

How to color the floral pattern

Step 9: Add some shadows

The most important thing when adding shadows to your design is to darken the flower pattern as well as the background. The shadows will go to the deepest parts of folds (that were NOT shaded in red areas).

Adding shadows to the floral print

These were the basics of drawing prints for your fashion sketches. If you liked it you can next check out this ‘How to draw a Summer dress‘ tutorial to exercise your new learned skills. Wish you all the best and don’t forget to have fun while creating beautiful new designs!

Fashion sketch of floral dress- learn to draw it

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  1. how gorgeous is this dress i absolute love it. i also love this website its like the dest fashion website. please don’t cancel this website and keep up the awesome work!!

  2. OMG :lol:
    Excelente!Foi muito útil pra mim, consegui fazer um identico, e por sorte minha mãe é costureira!!!
    :roll: ;-) :-) :lol: :D

  3. [quote name=”sally”]this is so great. i love it so much this site is so helpfu.l i would reccomend this site for any beginner or even advance fashion illustrater. thank you can you please make a how to draw earing turtorial or how to draw a classy suit /blazzer:D[/quote]
    Thank you so much, Sally. Earring tutorial was exactly what I was planning to surprise you with this month :-)

  4. this is so great. i love it so much this site is so helpfu.l i would reccomend this site for any beginner or even advance fashion illustrater. thank you can you please make a how to draw earing turtorial or how to draw a classy suit /blazzer:D

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