How to draw fur

Learn how to draw fur in a few easy steps and add real glamour to your fashion illustrations. Draw fur scarf or a beautiful coat and your designs will spread coziness and luxury. Enjoy the tutorial, dear designers.

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 10min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, an eraser, soft pastels, colored pencil
Difficulty level: 5/10

How to draw fur in 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Draw the outline

After drawing the fashion figure, dress it in the fur garment that you have in mind. Avoid pushing too hard with the pencil, since you are going to erase this outline later.

Remember that fur clothes are pretty voluminous and they outstand from the body more than regular clothes would.

how to draw fur - outline

Step 2: Base: Color spots

Take a soft pastel in a color of your choice and lay down spots all over your design.
Try to make most of the color spots pointing in one direction and place them not too far away from each other.

How to draw fur in fashion sketches step by step tutorial

Step 3: Fur base

Smudge the color spots with your finger. Move your finger from the upper part of the garment towards the bottom. Don’t smudge it in a circular or any other direction.
Fur is a soft fabric, so don’t try to lock it in the boundaries of the clothes you are drawing – it is okay if your finger smudges a little bit outside of your initial outlines.
Erase the pencil outline of the garment.

For better results leave the surface unevenly colored. It’s okey if some areas are lighter than others.

How to draw fur base

Step 4: 1st Layer

Fur is a fabric that consists of many layers and separate hairs. Take a slightly darker color than the one you used for the base and spread new color spots. If you play with their sizes the fur will eventually look more realistic and eye-catching.

How to draw fur in fashion sketches

Step 5: 2nd layer

Smudge the color spots from the previous step, keeping the same direction of the hairs and draw the next fur layer. This one should be in an even darker color – light or dark grey, sometimes even black could be used.
These hairs should be much smaller and set further away from each other (if compared to the previous steps). Notice that now the direction of the hairs may vary slightly.

Draw the fur hairs in the center part and in the side parts of the clothes. Don’t concentrate only on the middle part, leaving the sides empty.

How to draw fur step by step tutorial

Step 6: White

Smudge the spots from the previous step and take a white soft pastel. Adding white hairs will complement the final look and make it three-dimensional.
Be careful with the white because it is tricky – if you overwork it the drawing will look bleached and flat.

How to draw fur tutorial

Step 7: Final touches

Grab a sharp color pencil in a color several shades darker than the base color of your design.
Go over the initial boundaries using short lines in different sizes. Their direction may vary slightly and sometimes you can join two lines so that they look like a little triangle.
Allow yourself to go bravely over any accessories that are placed over your fur clothes – belts, bags, jewelry.

How to draw fur - final touches

I hope you liked this quick ‘How to draw fur’ technique and have a lot of fun creating new collections. If you love to experiment with textures in your fashion designs, you can also check out ‘How to draw crocodile skin‘ for more interesting ideas. Love the animals and design eco fur, friends! :)

fashion illustration - girl in fur dress. How to draw fur step by step


  1. Hi, this is really great! It works really well. Here’s a tip if you don’t have soft pastels you can use crayons. Great substitute. But soft pastels really shine. But crayons and oil pastels work well too. Just a tip! Thks for this tutorial. :) :)

  2. Hi,
    I used digital media to draw the tutorial, but you can aply the same technique to every media – oil pastels would look great, so will soft pastels. Usually I don’t recommend colored pencils for fashion sketches but in this case they will work nicely too.


  3. Hey Teya :D i would love to know that what did you use for this tutorial :D are they oil pastles?

  4. [quote name=”Mollie”]The drawing looks a bit like taylor swift :) xoxoxox[/quote] that’s exactly what i thought!

  5. [quote name=”Maitree”]What have you used for this texture? pencil color or sketch pen or or some crayons? :-)
    Thank you :-)[/quote]
    In step 2 I’ve mentioned – it’s a simple soft pasted – any brand should work well.
    Enjoy! :-)

  6. What have you used for this texture? pencil color or sketch pen or or some crayons? :-)
    Thank you :-)

  7. :-) nyc but i realy get kinda confusd wen drawin difrent dreses can u do 1 4 dat plzzz i’d realy apreciat it

  8. :-) awesome, but can you guys do one for feather textures? and one for making different types of dresses?

  9. :oops:
    i didn’t have any pastel colors so i used stick crayons :oops:

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