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Fashion Sketchpads by I Draw Fashion with over 100 printed figure templates

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  1. Glad to see your blog and business growing. I have used your croquis for years. I wish you much success on Amazon. Cheers.

  2. Hello! im so glad that i found your wesbsite
    I really love your templates and the illustration but iam not very good at drawing the body. i wanted to know is it possible to trace yours and use some of your templates and print them for me designs?
    i learnt a lot from your website.

    thank you very much


  3. Hello. Thanks so much for providing these. I’m a beginner and would love to use them but i have no idea how. Would be grateful if i could get pointers? Thank you.

  4. Hi dear,

    You can find hundreds of more figure templates here: I Fashion Templates
    The variety of poses is huge and for sure you will find something to suit your needs. Perhaps this one?


  5. Hi, could you please do a figure in a relaxed pose? I really love your templates but sometimes the models look a bit… provocative. Thank you!

  6. Sure, Samantha, go ahead!

    And good luck in the contest! :)

  7. hi teya could I use your templates for one of your contests because I cant draw croquis

  8. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m still learning to draw bodies. These are a blessing!! I just bought a few MUST have templates! Definitely wanted to support you instead of just us hind the free ones! Thank you for all you do!

  9. is these poses free to use as a concept art because i dont want to get sue for using someone else poses. im taking game art im studying game art i wonder if i can use some of the pose to do concept art. is they free to use without credit.

  10. Shalonda fielder

    Is these free to use as a concept artist too

  11. Victorine Olympia Onana Ada

    hi i wanted to thank you for the help your template provide. i buy a lot of time not having to draw bodies and focus more on the design. i made sure to cite you for the templates on my work

  12. shalonda fielder

    when u going to make another anatomy

  13. when u going to make more anatomy

  14. i love your templates…. thanks to share with us

  15. Loving this site…but how to show difference in cloth material using water paints…is it to do with brush strokes..??

  16. Hello Ankit and thank you for the kind words! Really appreciated :)
    You have successfully subscribed for our newsletter on 03.01 and will be informed for our new content.

    Best wishes,

  17. Hi! this is Ankit . I recently found out this site and I am excited to see these templates. I am a fashion design student at NIFT, love designing and illustration and wanted to explore more, but I am unable to get confirmation of subscription of this site for tutorials and fashion contests. My email id is: ankit00p@gmail.com

  18. Hi,
    Here you can find a bunch of plus size fashion templates made by me. Enjoy:

  19. would you teach me too ?

  20. Please i would like more templates of plus-sized women. Thanks in anticipation

  21. R u interest in this sketches? If u r interested, inbox me. I’ll teach u.

  22. Hii…I am not studying fashion designing but I love to do it at home. I just want to know what should be the length of girl body on paper?… I have read out any articles but again in that they mentioned 8,9 and 10 heads… even in that also I dont understand. thank you

  23. Could you make more templates of chubby (regular-looking, not VS models) women? Please!❤️

  24. Hi! Can I send to you my sketches just for look ? Thanks

  25. Hey Teya! I LOVE your work, if you do need any advice on any more templates to add, could you do a woman and a baby, i am trying to a draw my life and i have every template but i would love to have one where there is a baby.

  26. Ms. Teya,

    You are my life savior. I got a hard time in drawing the head figure so I was looking for a templete because most of my designs are headless LOL and yours is just fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing it, I’m currently using some of your templates. I’m so happy you shared it to us. I also checked your illustrations and they are amazing! <33

    Kimmy :3

  27. So glad the templates are helping you, dear.
    My newest fashion templates can be found at http://ifashiontemplates.com/
    They are better quality and there are constantly new ones. I hope you’ll love them!

  28. Hi ,Teya will you please add male templates .I love your templates thanks for became a big help .

  29. amazing ! just amazing ……………………………………!!

  30. Hi Teya! I wanna thank God that there is someone like you, very nice and kind for sharing your knowledge with us. I have NO talent at drawing but I badly want to become a fashion designer because I have lots of ideas, and unfortunately for me, is very hard to draw nice, and YOU helped me a lot! Thaaank you!

  31. You could try Jane Davenport. She does a great course in how to draw people, she used to be a fashion illustrator so this may be something you’d like to check out. Good luck with it!

  32. i am only 12, but really love to draw fashion these templates really help!!!!!!!! Could you please upload some new ones! i hope its okay that i print them out and trace them i am really bad at drawing the bodies. no matter how many videos i watch so this helps alot!

  33. I really like your templates as they help me in my class work, could you kindly post also for gents. maria Kenya

  34. hi teya i love your templates i need help in drawin them

  35. Hi there , I really love all your figure , hope you don’t mind if i print out and trace it ! i love all your templets and everything here . I enjoy it! thank you for sharing .
    xoxo, ell from Malaysia

  36. Thanks for this post.. I was trying to work out ways to work on a costume design and I suck at drawing bodies.. You rock <3

  37. Started using your templates love them a lot! I have been doing fashion illustrations and designs since I was 6 but I am not very good at proportions and your temples really help me! I can’t thank you enough my I hope it’s okay that I use them. If I we’re o give credit how would you like it done?

  38. I love your templates..I have my own, but it is always refreshing to see new ideas…

  39. Of course! They are free to download and use.


  40. i wanted to know if i could use some of your templates if i could print them to use for my designs plz thx

  41. Hey could you PLEASEEEEE upload some Male Croquis over here? Would be really a great help :)

  42. Awesome Love it soooooo much

  43. I am so glad that i found your site , love the body templates , makes it so much easier to draw clothes on in all the different poses , not wanting to be a designer for a living but i do like drawing clothes , with the help of your templetes , i have been able to draw 103 differnt designs , thank you so very much, for the use of these templates.

  44. realy u r amazing XOXO

  45. Love love love your templates…. . IG JOEMZPN

  46. i cant tell u how much these have helped e with my (hopefully) future career :)

  47. omg your AMAZINGG

  48. Hi,
    I prefer coloring with markers and I only use color pencils for creating tones that are missing from my markers set. You can read more about how I color my fashion sketches here:


  49. I am so glad that I found your website! I am an aspiring fashion designer and I have been drawing since I was five. Now it is time for me to upgrade my portfolio and your templates would be great to use. I do have a question, what medium do you use for coloring your templates…color pencils aren’t doing it for me, lol?

  50. Of course you can, Tega!
    Have fun and happy designing! :)


  51. Hi,
    I love your templates and i love illustration but am not very good at drawing the body. Is it possible to trace yours and use it. I appreciate your efforts. Learnt a lot from your site.


  52. no and I would love to!

  53. Hi I am a fashion design student and i love designing clothes but I am rubbish at drawing even a simple front facing template with the arms by its side and I don’t even attempt the back view I would love to see a basic version of the front and back views from you as I love your template style :)

  54. Hi,
    When you click on each template you will find 2 versions of it – one with hair and facial feature oand onother with no details – easy to trace and be used.


  55. Sorry,
    I so forgot to say could you also not but (bums) on them and all them other details, they are amazing, but when I draw my drawings, it is very hard to do them because of them lines. Thanks again!!

    Bob Jones xxx

  56. Hi Teya!
    It would be great if you could have done some blanc templates i.e women with no hair. You are a big help

    Bob Jones

  57. These are AMAZING and thanks for not putting an annoying watermark like other sites. I think we all agree that we’d give credit where credit was due!!

  58. Wow I love thesee Thank you so much! I cant draw bodies at all so these help me a lot! I am learning so much from you! Please never stop

  59. Hey i love the templates but could use some more thick figured females and males. ^-^

  60. hi! Sitting and lying templates would be awesome!

  61. Hey! These templates are awesome ^_^ i think that sitting pose templates will be needed :D and lying pose :)

  62. Hi, have you checked this tutorial on how to draw the highlights and the shadows?

  63. Could you please make a tutorial on shading and highlights.
    Thanks, Love your tutorials thus far

  64. Yes more male body templates as well as full figured females! Thank you so much!!!!

  65. please make more templates I loveeeeeeee themm

  66. Really appreciate good templates, very hard work making all these. Great job!

  67. Any chance we could get more male croquis?? Would love that :)

  68. Sure! Please feel free to share your suggestions here:


  69. I would love to see something else besides a standing pose template

  70. More and larger female body templates would be greatly appreciated. I myself am a fashion artist for larger woman so I’d like more portrayal.

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