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Free Fashion Templates 1 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials


Welcome to my lovely collection of free figure templates! Feel free to use them for your personal and school projects.  Commercial use of my templates is not allowed! If you post in your social media profile artwork created over these croquis, you must give credit to I Draw Fashion website.

You will find a larger collection of my fashion croquis in my second website: and if you need some custom fashion templates feel free to contact me – I will gladly help!

Fashion Sketchbooks

    Plus size

    Draw amazing and classy plus size attires with this special selection of beautiful plus size figure templates.

    Shopping Time

    Here, you’ll find fun fashion templates of girls with shopping bags. Blend in some color, throw in some style and test the limits of the outfits you can create for these figures.


    Filled with figures in front, back and side pose, you get to draw amazing designs that illustrate your ability to create outstanding looks.

    Dog Companion

    An amazing collection of templates illustrating realistic feminine figures with dogs of different breeds.

    Lingerie and Swimwear

    Explore our exclusive collection of sexy and hyper-realistic swimsuit design templates. Draw your irresistible lingerie designs and breath-taking swimsuits with this special selection of sexy figure templates.


    This selection features a collection of male templates in various poses and angles. Sketch your own design for menswear or develop existing fashion styles with a unique twist.


    Ideal for presenting whole collections, this special edition features templates of models in groups of 2 or 3. Here, you can mix, match and build group designs while showing variety in colorful ways.


    Get creative with maternity wear and fashion ideas using these templates of beautiful pregnant figures. In this special selection, you will find realistic pregnant figure templates that you can use to design maternity clothes and collections with ease.

    Back View

    Draw outstanding back views of some of your best fashion ideas and outfits.

    I Love Pets

    Create your illustrations with our large collections of figures with a wide variety of pets (a snake, a parrot, a cat and more)


    Design high heels, sandals, sneakers, wedges and more. These templates bring you the perfect Croqui to style your own shoes.


    Piece together the perfect outfit for children with this large compilation of kids’ templates. The figure templates are ranging from infants to kids up to 10 years of age.


    Create amazing fashion pieces and outfits that are fit for the runway!


    Drive your inspiration for equestrian fashion with our equestrian-themed templates. Featuring horses and riders, these templates are the perfect medium to help you create classic and undying styles that deliver both functionality and aesthetics.
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