BOOK REVIEW: Illustration Now! Fashion

In this book review we will take a look at Illustration Now! Fashion. This is an amazing book in which you’ll find works from 90 contemporary fashion illustrators around the globe.

The book highlights so many talented, but lesser-known artists, who show us a veritable explosion of beauty and color through their artworks. Each of these illustrators is distinguished with astonishing color sensation and delicate precision of the line. The book embraces a wide range of styles: from abstract and cartoonish to realistic and austere.
Another great thing is that it features some comments by experts and icons in the field of fashion, including Valentino, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, who add their compliments for the talents in the book.

As the price is really affordable, if you know someone who loves fashion and appreciates fine illustrations, that might be the perfect gift for them!

✅You’ll Improve Your:

  • Drawing skills
  • Knowedge on different techniques and methods
  • Knowledge of using different drawing materials

👌I Recommend it Because

  • Interesting for beginners, but also for advanced illustratos
  • Affordable price
  • Great variety of techniques
  • Inspiring quotes

Look inside

Quotes from the Book

Besides their illustrations, you’ll find some of their quotes with which they describe their individual approaches and also give us some insight about what is behind their artistry. The quotes are brief but really intriguing and very well suited:

I am inspired by the challenge of individually visualizing and reinventing beauty by artistic means! 

-Anja Matiesen 

Fashion illustration is not just about drawing nice clothes, sometimes it is closer to art than other types of simple illustration. 

-Jose Luis Merino 

I am inspired by people and life stories from reality of fiction. It is all about creativity. Everything is possible and there are no rules. 

-Lisa Billvik 

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Other than interesting and enjoyable, this book can be really helpful when practicing your illustration skills because you’ll be able to look through a variety of styles and techniques and improve yours. It’s just the kind of book that plants so many new ideas inside your head and makes you wanna start drawing right away.
So if you need some help developing your creativity and drawing abilities, I highly recommend you this book. Even if you’re just a fashion lover, or simply a devoted fan of fine art, I assure you, you will not leave this book until you read and look through all of it.


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