Twiggy’s aura portrays an amazing, sassy and bold look. With the wide collection of fashion sketches from her actual outfits in this book, you can recreate a large range of stylish and colorful outfit choices.

Start creating amazing fashion styles with this sketchpad now!

Inside this book you will find:

  • Biography about the star’s life.
  • 20 different outfits to color.
  • High quality paper well suited for repetitive use=
  • Fashion and style inspiration.
  • Real world outfit examples from Twiggy.
  • Blank body bases to style her new looks.

Get this sketchbook now and start coloring away!

Twiggy 1 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials
Twiggy 2 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials
Twiggy 3 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials
Twiggy 4 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

Twiggy – Signature Fashion Looks

I DRAW FASHION: Fashion Coloring Book

Color the signature fashion looks that made Twiggy a style icon.
This book is for all fashion lovers and art fans who want to learn more about the timeless style of the stars.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 55 pages
  • 8.5 x 11 in
  • Price: $12.99

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CC-BY-NC 4.0. Share and re-use for non-commercial purposes only.
Always give attribution and a link to I Draw Fashion.

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