Best New Years Gown (December 2015)

The winner of “Best New Year Gown”contest based on your votes is: Kitti Kitti Katt Thank you to all who took part and had fun creating so beautiful dresses. The next contest will be based no only on votes but also on judge’s decision. We can’t wait to see your creations!


icon-upload-128x128New Year is coming! It’s time to choose the most beautiful, the most sparkling gown that will make any lady feel like she’s the queen of the night! What would you wear in this special night? A short or a long dress? Classic black or something colorful? Show us your best gown ideas!
Each contestant can upload up to 5 designs. The end date for the contest is 10th of January. Click on the prize tab to see the prize! Unleash your creativity and join the fun!


heartYou can vote once every 24 hours for the designs that you like. Use Facebook to invite your friends to support your entry and get more votes!
 cupmWk1N6YThe contestant with the most votes will receive a dummy doll to assist him create new creative poses for his/her fashion sketches. The doll can be moved in endless positions and inspire you for new amazing designs!



CC-BY-NC 4.0. Share and re-use for non-commercial purposes only.
Always give attribution and a link to I Draw Fashion.


  1. Hi, I am a little unsure on how you are supposed to vote because I can’t seem to vote.
    I also think that the way you vote is a little unfair. People shouldn’t be able to vote until the submission deadline has passed.
    That way there is the same amount of time to vote for all the submissions. Rather than the ones that submitted first
    get more votes just because people could see them longer

  2. Dear Stephanie,

    You have to see your sketch a few minutes after it’s uploaded. If you refresh the page and your entry is still not here it has not been uploaded correctly.
    Please make sure your submission in in .jpg format and you have all the fields correctly filed in (name, design description .ect)
    In case it doesn’t work feel free to send the image to [email protected] and we’ll upload it for you.


  3. I resubmitted my drawing in case the first one did not go in. If the first one was received, then would it be alright if you could delete the extra? I hope my drawing gets in on time! Thank you~! ^^

  4. Hi~!
    I recently submitted my drawing for the contest 2 days ago. However I see that it does not seem to have been uploaded yet. I wanted to make sure it is in and in time for the contest. Can you help me out here? Thanks Teya! <3

  5. Sorry, I accidentally put out on of the images that did not have something done, could you please delete the one that I uploaded on January 2 before the other image

  6. Great designs!
    My picture just got uploaded twice, and there’s no way for me to delete one of them. Could you please remove one,so it wouldn’t be a problem or something like that for the contest itself.

    Thanks for the attention! ^^

  7. Hey! My pic just got uploaded twice. I’m so sorry for that, there was a problem with my internet I suppose. Could you please remove one,so that people don’t get confused while voting?

  8. When i share the link of my drawing it doesnt open directly to my pic it opens the main page or the newest pics.people are lazy to scroll down to find my pic :( is there a way to share a link to open my drawing directly?

  9. please it’s a request choose a deserving candidates. Do not judge on the basis of votes.

  10. I can’t upload my design because it says that crap about my gmail not being valid and the picture not being chosen, when it obviously is not true. Please fix it… :(

  11. I will really like to Participate in Contest if there will be a panel of Proper judges instead of my or anyone other’s friends :) …..

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