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Classy Holidays

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Can you see it? Holidays are just around the corner. Everybody loves them and wants to look as beautiful and glamorous than ever. So once again before this year is gone we give you the chance to be creative and to design a fabulous outfit for the upcoming holidays. This year the theme for the contest is called ‘Classy Holidays’ so show us your vision and design an outfit which is classy and appropriate for either Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Make your design stunning using colors and textiles which suits best for the holidays. You can add some accessories if you want, as well. There is no limit for the kind of the outfit you want to draw. It can be a dress, a jumpsuit or combination between skirt and a blouse. It’s up on you. You’ve got many possibilities.

🎁 Prizes:

The winner will have the chance to choose 2 courses from I Draw Fashion Academy

The winner will also receive а $30 voucher to get premium fashion templates from http://ifashiontemplates.com/ 

The prizes are worth over 300$!


Every contestant can take part with up to 3 of his/her designs.

You can draw your designs on hand, digitally, make a collage or even a combination between the three. The thing that is important for your design is to be understandable – don’t send blurry or dark pictures.

🥇 Winner:

The winner will be chosen by Teya among the 10 most voted designs. Invite your friends to vote for your art works so you can make sure you’ll be in the top 10 positions. 
The evaluation criteria are:

  • Designs should be appropriate for the chosen theme.
  • Well drawn face and body proportions.
  • Be creative, don’t use art that isn’t yours!!!
  • Background and layout originality.

So don’t wait for the last moment, join us now! All ages, backgrounds, newbies and professionals are welcome to participate!
Show us what you have in store, be creative and don’t forget to have fun up in the process! :)

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  1. Hey, I know I’m late; I haven’t been on here in a while. Have you planned when the next contest is, Teya?

  2. hi teya, i entered my design in this contest under the name Chelsea, i did not win, but i would like to know what you think of my design. Thanks!

  3. Please you can tell me how can I see my designs?

  4. Hello,
    Some people reported that they fail when trying to upload from one browser, but succeed with another. Internet explorer has been problematic in particular. Try uploading with Firefox or Chrome, they work good well. In this also fails, send me your sketch at info@idrawfashion.com with your name and I will upload it for you, dear.

  5. hi

    I Tried to upload my sketch , but it failed. I tried many times. I even reduced the size to the lowest level, but still didn’t work :((

    Could you please help me with this?

  6. Hi dear,
    Did you see a confirmation message and receive a confirmation email? If not, please try to upload again.
    The most possible reason why it’s not uploading is if the image is too big. You can reduce the size here: https://tinypng.com/

    Good luck!

  7. Hey Teya! My name is Christina and I’ve already uploaded my picture, but the thing is , i dont see it online…..?

  8. Hey Teya, I got an email from you saying that I have to choose only three of my designs but idk how to can u help me?

  9. Hi,
    I see you’ve already uploaded your entry. If you have troubles with uploading the most common reason is that the picture might be too big. Try reducing its size here: https://tinypng.com/

    Good luck!


  11. Hi Samantha,
    Sure! You can use a croqui. Just make sure you personalize it and make it your own with the slyling.

    Godd luck in the contest!

  12. hi I need to know if I can upload a design that the croquis is a printable that I got from a website? :P

  13. so I have to draw the croquis or can I use one I got on a website?

  14. How many pictures should I upload?

  15. Thank you so much!

  16. Hi, you can upload without a face, but your chances of winning are better if you have one. Here is a tutorial on how to make it really easy:https://www.idrawfashion.com/head/face/basics-face/6-how-to-draw-a-fashion-face/

    Good luck!

  17. Is it ok if I don’t draw the face?

  18. is it published?

  19. Hello,
    There is a file size limitation that is most probably the reason you’re image is not uploaded.
    Please use https://tinypng.com/ to reduce the size of your image and try again.
    Let me know if this solved the issue.

    Thank you and good luck in the contest!


  20. Hi Teya, my design isn’t uploading….*sad face*

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