DAY-to-NIGHT Look – Fashion Design Contest (10 Mar – 10 Apr)

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You’re out and your friend calls to tell you about a great party later in the evening, but you don’t have time to go home and you have to improvise with the outfit you’re wearing. The 18th fashion design contests is all about day to night outfits. I Draw Fashion challenges you to design two visions of one outfit: one for the day 🌞 and one for the night 🌙.

The winner of “Day to Night” fashion contest will be one of the 5 most voted designs. Teya will judge the top 5 entries and pick the best one on the 10th of April. The winner will get a bundle of 50 fashion croquis from I Fashion Templates worth over $150 plus a detailed critique on their sketch and personalized tips how to improve their drawings.

Upload Your Design 👉

🔴 If you have troubles uploading your design please send it to [email protected]

The key to a perfect day-to-night outfit is simple and multifunctional clothes. Remember that the right styling will make the difference. You can try changing the hair, make up and mixing different accessories. Don’t forget also the value of a nice bag and pair of shoes – they can make a sundress look like a cocktail look.

Each contestant need to draw how the design looks in the daytime and in the night-time. Both design options must be on the same piece of paper. Both hand-drawn and digital illustrations are accepted. Designers of all ages, countries, and backgrounds are welcome to join the fashion contest and showcase their talent!

We are sorry, but this contest has finished!

Contest winners

1 place
Misaki Aihara
2 place
3 place
Yasmin izzath

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