Dress Me in Flowers (10 May- 10 Jun)

Let’s step into the summer months with our second fashion contest in 2021. 🌞 This time the theme specially selected to celebrate the delightful transition period between the Spring and the Summer season. The contest is titled “Dress Me In Flowers” and your task is to create a design inspired by the spring flowers. 🌸💐🌼 Think of all the designs you can create inspired by the color of the cherry blossoms, the pattern of the daisies, or the shape of the tulip! Your design can be a dress, lingerie design or a 3-pieces suit – the sky is the limit! 

The winner 🏆of “Dress Me In Flowers” fashion contest will be one of the 5 most voted designers. Teya will be the judge and pick the best sketch on the 10th of June.

The winner will receive a voucher for Fashion Templates worth 100$  from www.ifashiontemplates.com. With these templates at hand you can really focus on drawing your design ideas. No longer searching for the perfect body base for hours. You’ll have the opportunity to pick any of the templates available at I Fashion Templates – women, men, kids and even mermaids. Go ahead and find the ones that you love here! ❤

⚠ If you have troubles uploading it is probably because of the file being too large. Make it smaller at www.tinypng.com and try again.
If this does not work, send it to [email protected]

The key to a perfect outfit is to keep it original, stylish and daily-appropriate. 

The following tutorials will help you out : “How To Draw a Summer Dress”👗, “How to draw a floral print” and “How to draw lace”. For shoes 👡 and accessories 👒, you might want to check out “How to draw a large brim hat” and “How to draw sunglasses” tutorials.

Make sure your fashion sketch is colorful, fresh and fun. Try to make people smile and feel the positive vibes when they see it! 🤗 Each contestant may submit up to 3 entries. Both hand-drawn and digital illustrations are accepted. Designers of all ages, countries, and backgrounds are welcome to join the fashion contest and showcase their talent. Good luck and have fun!

Congratulations To The Winner:

A huge THANK YOU to all amazingly talented designers who took part in the contest and made it so colorful and joyful. We hope to see your creations in the next contest that will take place in a few months. Stay inspired, Stay Creative and never stop chasing your dreams!

Chutikarn Benjamapokai
Chutikarn Benjamapokai

Contest winners

Winners not yet picked!

CC-BY-NC 4.0. Share and re-use for non-commercial purposes only.
Always give attribution and a link to I Draw Fashion.

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