Girl Power (March 2016)

 This contest is over. Would you participate in the next one?


This month’s contest is inspired by the outstanding women that have changed our world. Grab your pencils and prepare to take part in “Girl Power” fashion contest! You are invited to dress the woman who is Power & Femininity, she is a leader & a real role-model! A mother, a boss, a lover, a fashion icon – she manages to be the best at everything she starts. How would you dress her?

Courtesy of our generous sponsor Pretty Phi Cutie website that tells the stories and supports such inspiring women we have an amazing price for the winner! Check out the price tab for more details!

Each contestant can upload up to 5 designs.
The end date for the contest is 4th of April.
You can vote
once every 24 hours for the designs that you like.
Use Facebook to invite your friends to support your entry and get more votes!
The winner will be picked among the 10 most voted designs personally by Teya Bozhilova and Brittney from Pretty Phi Cutie .

Here is the criteria:

  • Number of votes by the other users -4 pt
  • Original pose of the model – 1pt
  • Correct face proportions -1 pt
  • Correct body proportions – 1pt
  • Original and interesting design – 3pt  (related to the theme!)
  • Harmonious and original color choices – 1pt
  • Pattern (design a print) – 1pt
  • Accessories & addons -1pt
  • Theme related background – 1pt
  • Teya’s favorite: 1pt
  • Brittney’s favorite: 1pt

cupCourtesy of our sponsor Pretty Phi Cutie the winner will receive a T-shirt in her/his size with the winning illustrations printed on it! 100% original, 100% fashionable and 100% YOU!


Dear contestants,

This month we had a very strong competition in “Girl Power”contest. The entries were all so beautiful and creative and you really did some amazing fashion sketches!
However not all was perfect.

There was an argument whether some of the votes were real or not. Therefore this contest ONLY is an exception and 4points for most votes will be given to the 3 most popular creations.

Please see the results below:


I am making you the promise that for our next contest there will be a change in the rules that will make sure that every vote is authentic and  & every contestant has been given the fare chance of winning!

Congratulations to Miriam, Ana and Mina! You three are our wonderful winners this month!



CC-BY-NC 4.0. Share and re-use for non-commercial purposes only.
Always give attribution and a link to I Draw Fashion.


  1. I would have been first design wise and miriam got 4 votes for free I could have got more votes but my valid votes are 7 whereas hers are 4. Very wrong way of judging.
    Still congratulations miriam

  2. Hey Teya, one of my sketches if uploaded twice. Can you please delete the duplicate? Thank you.

  3. Hello,

    It means that each member of the jury this month has 1pt to give to the design that she personally likes the most. It’s the only points that are given for subjective reasons.
    Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you will create!

  4. Hi teya i love all your website is awesome and i want to participate in girl power contest but what do you mean by teya’s favorite and brittney’s favorite

  5. Hey there! I just uploaded my entry and it uploaded sideways!!); I was wondering if there is anyway, as the creator of this website, that you could fix the orientation for me? I don’t want to get points taken off just because it’s sideways. Thanks!

  6. Dear Alexandra, thank you for noticing this.
    Even with many facebook friends having so many votes in a short amount of time does look suspicious and you have the right to ask.
    An in-depth check will be performed !

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