Ice Queen – Fashion Design Contest (15 Dec- 15 Jan)

We cannot get more excited for our 21st fashion designing contest. The theme is “Ice Queen” and your challenge is to create a design inspired by the cold royal beauty of the Winter Queen ❄ 👑. Imagine white gowns, crystals, gorgeous lace, transparent veils, fur coats and shoes made of….glass.

This time there will be not one, but two winners The grand winner will be selected from the top 5 most voted designs.

He or she will receive the most amazing prize🏆 – a graphic tablet generously provided by XP-PEN.

Our friends from Xp-pen will grand a second prize that will go to the most creative take on the theme, so don’t be predictable in your designs! The deadline is 15th of January!

The key to a perfect outfit is to keep it original, stylish and winter-appropriate.

The following tutorials will help you out : “How to draw a Lace” 🧥  “How to draw chiffon” and “How to draw fur”. For shoes 👢and accessories, you might want to check out “How to draw boots” and of course, “How to draw a crown” .

Each contestant may submit only one entry. Both hand-drawn and digital illustrations are accepted. Designers of all ages, countries, and backgrounds are welcome to join the fashion contest and showcase their talent.

Good luck and let’s show everyone that fashion is not afraid of the cold!

The winners are:

Chutikarn Benjamapokai
Chutikarn Benjamapokai

Thank you to all amazingy talented artists and designers who took part in this competition! We hope to see you again in the next contest in a few months. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow on Instagram to hear the news when it starts!


Contest winners

Winners not yet picked!

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