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Fashion Design Contest "It's Magic"

Design & Draw a Gown for the Holidays


  • Create a special gown for the Holidays.
  • Use colors and textiles that are glamorous, rich and shiny
  • Include accessories to make your design pop
  • Use hand-drawn OR digital media
  • Up to 3 designs per contestant

It's magic 5 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials


Creativity Knows No Limits!

We encourage all designers to join & share their talent!


  • Age: 9-99
  • Location: worldwide
  • Experience: Beginners -to- Advanced
  • Drawing technique: any

It's magic 6 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials


The most voted design will get:

  • Arts & Craft gift pack hand picked by Teya shipped to your home.
  • $20 voucher to shop from
  • Exclusive 60min 1-on-1 coaching session to guide you how to improve your fashion sketches



Some Tips to Help you Win!


  • Draw a strong & beautiful design
  • Draw a beautiful model & pose (you could also use our free or premium figure templates)
  • Upload only pictures that are NOT dark & blurry
  • Submit up to 3 designs
  • Invite your friends to help you get more votes


We are sorry, but this contest has finished!


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CC-BY-NC 4.0. Share and re-use for non-commercial purposes only.
Always give attribution and a link to I Draw Fashion.


  1. mam if any other online fashion sketch contest basedonjury members selection kindly let me know by mail thank u

  2. Both ammir ,david, and eva are the same person and they judge others posibly is Zubin as well.just check the time they comment on here they are minutes away from another as the votes zubin got .enjoy your prize dude!
    I agree with puspa panda.

  3. i think contest should be based ontelent judge by juri members it give satisfaction to toartists

  4. Hii miss teya!! This is really frustrating how david mention name and calling others fake i can deal with him but it will be much better if u could do something about it

  5. You don’t have to disrespèct and insult others simply to hold your ground ..if you do,that shows how shaky your own position is

  6. i noticed that david and kitty kat are same person and seen how their vote increase in exact same time slot every day they are blaming other but haven’t seen themself in mirror looks like they believe if they win its fine but if other wins its fake and cheating and its all depend on voting and those who have greater circle of friends and family they also can win so dont go and blame other if you cant win remember when you point 1 finger to someone other 3 fingers are pointing towards you

  7. I can’t believe Zubin’s fake votes won!!!
    Bad copy of an already free template,bad paiting 0 one could vote that in real life she got votes generated by computer and others did same thing entering the contest just few days before ends.that’s why i did’nt enter the anne marie said people steals othr people’s artwork and they shouldn’t enter this and future contests! zubin is a fake winner!!!!!!

  8. Hi Teya!!.ive seen for some odd reason someone here uploaded a dumb image making fun of my design maybe its not a big deal lol but it makes me uncomfortable and its disrespectful for the contest

  9. Zubi’s drawing is a copy of Lekha’s (fashion illustrator)drawing,she has a free fashion design class online. It is not fair copycats and art thieves win this contest.zubi is getting fake votes generated by computer or something else.that person is not into fashion design she copied a design and changed the colors,she did not follow any rule by the friend made a nice design and she did not get many votes and she did not steal the design to any artist

  10. Please Miss Teya,notice Zubin is cheating.that person is getting fake votes per second the last 3 or 4 days they didn’t get many votes the first days,i don’t think it is fair for the other designers.I hope the most voted won’t win but the ones who followed the rules or the ones that looks like a holiday gown

  11. my entry is not ondisplay mam this contest is based on jurimembers decision orvote counting

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