Modern Disney Princess (April 2016)

This contest has ended! Thank you to all participants and their inspiring entries! Welcome to the next contest in July!


TRANSPARENTHow would you dress your favorite Disney princesses nowadays? We have all seen them in gowns already. Let’s try something new, fun and different!
“MODERN DISNEY PRINCESS”  is a fashion sketch contest that invites you to create  fashionable, modern outfits that the princesses could wear on the street today!

Break the rules and think of cool shoes, accessories, shorts, tank-tops, sneakers, swimming suits, cocktail dresses, clubwear.


There are no age or skills level restrictions
Each contestant can upload up to 5 designs.
The end date for the contest is 31th of May.
You can vote
once every 24 hours for the designs that you like.
Use Facebook to invite your friends to support your entry and get more votes!
The winner will be picked among the 5 designers who got the most votes

Here is the criteria:

  • Number of votes -4 pt
  • Original pose of the model – 1pt
  • Correct face proportions -1 pt
  • Correct body proportions – 1pt
  • Contest theme related design – 3pt
  • Pattern/print – 1pt
  • Accessories & addons -1pt
  • Theme related background – 1pt
  • Teya’s favorite: 1 pt
  • Bonus 1pt if it is easy to tell which princess you were designing for!

cupThe winner of the contest will receive a drawing materials package hand picked by Teya Bozhilova to him/her create even more awesome fashion illustrations!



The winner of “MODERN DISNEY PRINCESS” has been picked from the top 5 most voted contestants. The decision is based on objective criteria stated in “Rules”tab.
Congratulations Kitty Kitty Kat! You will be contacted on the provided email soon!
Thank you to all the talented contestants and we hope to see your amazing creations in future contests tooo!

Contest results_


CC-BY-NC 4.0. Share and re-use for non-commercial purposes only.
Always give attribution and a link to I Draw Fashion.


  1. Hey teya!
    I was wondering if you could look at my design and give me some tips on what I could improve!

  2. Thank you lovely!!! :D their designs deserve more votes,there are great new designs too!i’m voting :D

  3. wow so many beautiful designs, i love KittyKittyKatts Miriams & Gous. please vote for them

  4. Hi Teya! How long does it take to upload a pic? I sent in mine but it’s not uploaded yet… love, Gou :)

  5. Im trying togged one of my entries up, it needs to work. I actually posted the first one before the one that is already up there! It’s been a day and it hasn’t shown up yet, I already tried uploading it 2 times. <3 – Ky

  6. Hey Teya, can you please take down 2 of my 3 same uploads of Rapunzel? I had problems while uploading and now I see it is tripled uploaded.

  7. Hi Miss Teya ,
    I highly worried it’s about a whole day I’ve uploaded my pic but it’s not on website yet. I’d also received the email about successful upload.

  8. Hi Miss Teya, I wanted to ask that in how much time my creation will appear and one more thing whenever it appears please tell me what you think about it really means a lot .

  9. Hello dear,
    The reason is in your browser cache. Clear it and you’ll see the most recent results.
    If you don’t know how to do that – don’t worry: it is something that is performed automatically from time to time by our system. Just give the website some time :)


  10. i mean in my computer my point is one but when i look to my auntie’s phone it was already two points

  11. miss teya why is my points low in my compute but when i look to my aunties it was by the way my is karla xirina lacadin abad im from the phiippines

  12. Hello, Teya, myself Sudha, I am not the student of any fashion institute but I am very much interested in designing dress would you please help me by giving your suggestion to improve my designs
    Thank you,

  13. Hi, yes, you can enter any time while the contest is opened.
    One thing to mind:
    The winner will be picked from the 5 most voted designs. If you make your entry the last day chances are that you might not have enough votes.

    Good luck!

  14. aggieD you have a great designs best of Luck i love your designs!!! Thumbs up

  15. Hello Teya, I have one question about contest. Is it supposed to be fashion body or normal human body? I am used to sketch normal people from photos.
    And thank you so much for giving opportunities like this. I am looking forward for your critique once I upload :D


  16. hey teya, i just uploaded my drawing and the picture is sideways, and it uploaded 4 times. can you help? thank you. -calla

  17. Hello, teya. I would like to bring to your kind notice that the votes for my designs are not being accepted. Many of my friends have reported back to me saying when they click on the heart tab, theres no dialogue appearing saying the voting is in progress. Infact, nothing is happening when they click on the heart. Please, look in to this at the earliest. Thank you.

  18. Thank you Teya!!? i just finished my design i’ll upload it now?

  19. Can i enter the contest with a digital design?it’s the first time i’m drawing with a stylus pen :D

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