Unique Celebrity Gown (December 2016)


This contest has ended. Thank you for participating to all the talented designers who turned this contest into a beautiful red carpet event! Check the winner tab for details on who won.

Fashion Design contest: unique celebrity gown

Hello fashion lovers! If you were to make a celebrity gown, what would it be? Which celebrity would you dress? What colors would you use, what style? Do you dare to be unique?

Sketch out your absolute best celebrity gown and gain a chance to win the amazing mystery prize!!!….. Shhh even though we can’t tell you what the prize is yet we can say it will be the best prize giveaway ever in I Draw Fashion history. I am so excited for the day I will be able to let you all in on the major project I am working on behind the scenes to provide even MORE value to what I offer!  That day is coming soon. That’s all! Get Sketching! Have Fun!


  • Everyone loves beautiful photos! To get more votes use apps such as Camara Scanner to increase your cell phone pictures quality and avoid blurry, dark images.
  • Use Facebook & invite your friends and fans to support your entry.

There are no age or skills level restrictions
Each contestant can upload up to 5 designs.
The end date for the contest is 31th of December.
You can vote
once every 24 hours for the designs that you like.
The winner will be picked among the 5 designers who got the most votes

Here is the criteria:

  • Top voted design-4 pt
  • Original pose of the model – 1pt
  • Correct face proportions -1 pt
  • Correct body proportions – 1pt
  • Contest theme related design – 3pt
  • Pattern/print – 1pt
  • Accessories & addons -1pt
  • Theme related background – 1pt
  • Teya’s personal favorite: 1 pt
  • Bonus! Celebrity is easy to recognize: 1pt

cupThe winner of the contest will receive a hand picked by Teya mystery award. The best giveaway in I Draw Fashion!



The winner of UNIQUE CELEBRITY GOWN contest is Annabella with the amazing 721 votes! Congratulations!
For all contestants who won over 300 votes we have a special bonus!
Shortly you will be contacted with details on your prizes!

Huge thank you to all the talented designers who made this contest as beautiful and inspiring as it was! Keep up the good work and we can’t wait to see your next creations in the upcoming contests.



  1. Hey teya mam when i went to like my design it said that the contest is over . but who is the winner? please tell us we r all waiting :-O

  2. This contest is drawing to an end, so I wanted to say good luck to everybody! I hope that you all had fun in this contest (I know I did! I had fun entering and I am proud of my design results and am thankful for all who voted for me!) All of you did great and had amazing designs, by the way, so good luck to you all once again!!! ???????

  3. I know that this doesn’t exactly belong here, but I have a question, are your fashion courses free? They don’t come with any hidden requirements, correct?

  4. For those of you who don’t know, Grace Vanderwaal is the 12-year-old girl who won America’s Got Talent 2016, she is super famous.

  5. Does anyone have any advice on what to do when you have a lot of design ideas, but as you sketch them out they turn out awful? I want to submit some more designs, but nothing is working out ???

  6. Hi, Teya is the contest still finishing tomorrow ( december 31st)? My screen is showing 5 extra days.

  7. Yay! Thank you for extending the date, Ms. Teya! Now, hopefully, I can draw some more designs and have a better chance! :D

  8. If you like my design of Grace Vanderwaal, please vote for me! I’ll appreciate it very much :D

  9. Help! I just uploaded my design and it is sideways. Is there anyway that you can fix this? Thank you and I love your website!

  10. Hi Teya, Pls help me delete my 1st post *Pink slimfit gown* and my last but one post *three yellow short gowns* … Thanks a bunch!

  11. I’ve tried posting my design about four times and it still hasn’t shown up. Other people’s have. Please get back to me before this contest ends, Ms. Teya! I know that I don’t really have a chance of winning, but I would at least like to enter it anyway so people can still see my design.

  12. I agree with this. I think that the contest should have an entry deadline and everyone has the chance to post their designs until that period of time, and then there needs to be a separate voting deadline where everyone can vote on their favorite dresses and we all have a fair and equal chance.
    I love these contests and I want everyone to have an equal chance of winning whether you are early or late. Please consider these suggestions, Ms. Teya! :) #letsbefair

  13. Please reply, Ms. Teya! :( I’m worried that my design is not going to show up in time…and I worked really hard on it. Thank you for your time.

  14. I agree the people who upload earlier have a higher chance of getting more likes. I wouldn’t allow voting before every design is submitted so everyone has an equal chance then give like a weeks period of voting.

  15. Hi,
    Thank you for participating and good luck!
    Only the votes on the here, on the website count. FB likes and Pins don’t.

    When you click on the Share button on your drawing you can invite people to vote for your entry & support you.
    Good luck!

  16. Hi Teya!
    its seems that each drawing uploaded earlier may got more like than other, so i think its disappointing for whom see your contest later…they dont have any hope to be winner, so stop drawing instead of keep going…

  17. Hi Teya,
    is there any way that i can edit my design in here. i forgot to crop before uploading :)))
    hope to hear soon from you

  18. Hello Teya, how can my friends support me? Do they just have to like the link on Facebook? And how do you convert likes or pins into votes?

  19. Hi Teya, sorry, could you please delete one of my pictures I accidentally uploaded twice? Many Thanks. :-)

  20. Hi Teya!! :D the gown design must be 100%original or inspired in some celebrity’s gown that exists already?

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