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This Time YOU Choose Your Own Prize


We are sorry, but this contest has finished!

*If you have troubles uploading your sketch contact me here

Can You Describe Yourself With an Outfit?


Fashion is the art of showing the world who you are as a person and as a unique creative individual. The “Self-Portrait” fashion designing contest is all about being unique and expressing it through your style, through your designs and sketches.

Your task is to create a fashion design that best describes your personality traits. Tell us about yourself in a drawing! Are you a free spirit who is all about comfort or maybe you have an edgy an unexpected side of you? Look into the mirror and create an outfit inspired by the best muse you will ever have in your life- You!

❗?The winner will have the chance to choose her/his own prize worth more than $400! 
2 Fashion designing courses of your choice from  I Draw Fashion Academy,  a pack of premium figure templates and a free 1-on-1 coaching with Teya Bozhilova to help you polish your artistry to perfection.

Don’t wait for the last moment to join. The winner with be one of the 10 most voted designs and the more time you have to collect votes, the better.
Upload your self-portrait today and join the fun!

  • Hand-drawn sketches
  • Digital media sketches
  • 1 design per contestant
  • Blurry pictures
  • Dark pictures
  • Art that does not belong to you
  • Design Flats


I wish you good luck and let’s make it an awesome experience!

With love,


Win a Fashion Designing Course Of Your Choice

For the first time ever, there will be 3 winners in this competition. The winners will be hand-selected personally by Teya among the 10 most voted designs. Here are the amazing rewards expecting the top entries:

→1st place: 

  • 100% discount on 2 fashion designing courses of your choice from the brand new I Draw Fashion Academy.
  • 1hour of 1-on-1 Skype coaching session with Teya to help you solve any issues with your drawing
  • $30  voucher to shop premium figure templates


→2nd place:

  • 100% discount on 1 course of your choice
  • $15  voucher to shop premium figure templates

→3rd place:

  • 50% discount on 1 course of your choice


How Your Artwork Will Be Scored

To win, you need to create a sketch that will capture the hearts of the audience. The 10 most voted designs will be then reviewed by Teya based on the following criteria:

  • Model body proportions & choice of a pose
  • Model’s face proportions and hairstyle
  • Design originality
  • Extra efforts ( background, accessories or other creative solutions that make your illustration pop )
  • Picture quality ( dark and blurry pictures will receive fewer points)

Who Is Allowed To Participate

There are no limitations in I Draw Fashion’s competitions and everyone who loves to draw fashion is welcome to participate. I believe that talent knows no borders and no limits and these contests are the proof of it.

  • Any location
  • Any age
  • Any background ( novice or expert)

We are sorry, but this contest has finished!





  1. Well i participated and uploaded my piv as hen this was at 4 th day or something bt i cant see the result
    So results are out or nt

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer my previous comment, I just posted my design, I hope the picture isn’t too dark, or too blurry ^^
    I have to admit that, for once, I am proud of my drawing, so I’ve been “brave enough” to post it under my full name, Lucie, instead of hiding behind a nickname u.u”
    Anyway thank you again, and good luck to every other participants ;)
    Don’t forget to have fun, it’s the most important :D

  3. Hello dear,

    I’m very glad to hear you’re interested in the competition.
    The answer is – no, you can’t participate with 2 designs even if they both describe your personality.
    Each participant can submit only one design. Participants who have submitted more than 1 design will be asked to choose which one to stay in the contest.

    Don’t take this as a limitation, but rather as an interesting challenge for you to find a way to combine those different sides of you in just 1 outfit.
    I am curious to see your entry!
    Good luck!


  4. I hope I don’t bother you but I was wondering if it is allowed to draw two outfits in the same drawing, so I can show different sides of my personnality… I just want to be sure, as this contest is really interesting to me ^^ by the way thank you for organizing it :)
    I’m also a little lost I have to say, as some of the people who participate to this contest posted more than one design, so I don’t know if it’s allowed or not…
    Anyway thank you for taking the time to read my comment, I hope you’ll forgive me for any error of spelling, I’m french and unfortunately my english is not at its best u.u”
    Have a nice day or evening, and thank you again :)

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