Spring Vibes (1 Apr- 30 Apr)



Full of miracles, the Spring has just arrived🌸 and it brings a new fashion design contest hosted by I Draw Fashion

The theme is “Spring Vibes” and we invite talented designers around the world to create a design full of positive energy and good vibes! Your task is to play with colors and contrast expressing the joyful Spring mood.

Look around you and find inspiration in the fresh green grass, the blooming trees and breath-taking beauty of the flower gardens .🌷 Everything can be turned into a dress!

If ideas are already forming in your head, sketch the design showing what Spring means to you and upload it today! Let’s celebrate the beauty of the season together!


The winner 🏆of “Spring Vibes” will receive an unique prize – a piece of art drawing tablet by . The reward is worth almost $400 and with its stylish design + powerful functionality it could be the turning point for your artwork and skills building ✨ Teya and representatives from XenceLabs will select the winner from the 5 most voted designers .

Each contestant may submit up to 3 entries. Both hand-drawn and digital illustrations are accepted.


Use the form to submit your sketch.

⚠ If you have troubles uploading it’s probably because the file is too large. Make it smaller at www.tinypng.com and try again.
If this does not work, send it to [email protected]


The perfect look is colorful, vibrant and true to the theme.

You can draw your own croqui, or use a pre-made one from ifashiontemplates.com, including the figure template from as the cover ➡ Fashion Template #39. Members of I Draw Fashion CLUB can download the croqui for free here.

In addition, the following tutorials might be worth exploring before you start :”How to draw a floral print” 👗, “How to draw a wrap dress“, “How to draw chiffon

As usual, designers of all ages, countries, and backgrounds are welcome to join the fashion competition and showcase their talent.

You are free to invite your friends to support you and bring this amazing reward home! Good luck, and we can’t wait to see what you will create!


We are sorry, but this contest has finished!

The Contest Winner is:

Thank you to everyone who took part in “Spring Vibes” contest and shared their colorful, original designs with us!

The reward – a drawing tablet by XenceLabs – goes to Sneha Ranjan. Congratulations! We will email you soon with details how to receive your well-deserved reward.

To all talented designers, who didn’t grab the prize this time – please don’t be discouraged! I Draw Fashion hosts drawing contests several times per year and you will have many other chances. Follow us on Instagram: @i.draw.fashion to be the first to hear about our future fashion competitions and stay creative and inspired!

Sneha Ranjan
Sneha Ranjan

Contest winners

1 place
Sneha Ranjan
2 place
Rashi Butolia
3 place
Rashi Butolia
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