Tutti Frutti (22 Aug – 22 Sep)

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Let’s have some fun with our 20th fashion designing contest. 🤗 The theme is “Tutti Frutti” and your challenge is to create a design inspired by tasty fresh fruits! 🍓🍉🍍 Think of all the designs you can create inspired by the color of the orange, the pattern of the delicious strawberry, or the shape of the pineapple! Your design can be a dress, an accessory or a t-shirt print – the sky is the limit!

The winner 🏆of “Tutti Frutti” fashion design contest will be one of the 5 most voted designs. Teya will judge the top 5 entries and pick the best one on the 22th of September. I encourage you to share your sketch with your friends to help you rank higher🤫. This time the winner’s reward is something you will choose on your own! You will get 20 premium figure templates of your choice from www.ifashiontemplates.com. You can pick from all women, men, kids and groups. Go ahead and find the ones that you love! ❤

Upload Your Design 👉

⚠ If you have troubles uploading it is probably because of the file being too large. Make it smaller at www.tinypng.com and try again.
If this does not work, send it to [email protected]

Excited? Let’s see some resources that might help you prepare and create the best design. First, check out “TOP 21 Fashion illustration with food” where you will find inspiration and ideas. Then, you might want to visit “How to draw a summer dress” tutorial or “How to draw sunglasses” and “How to draw a large brim hat” 👒to accessorize your design properly. For hairstyles I recommend you “How to draw a braid” which ( fun fact🧐 ) was the first tutorial ever publish on I Draw Fashion.

Make sure your fashion sketch is colorful, fresh and fun. Try to make people smile and feel the positive vibes when they see it! 🎵Both hand-drawn and digital illustrations are accepted. You may submit up to 3 sketches. Designers of all ages, countries, and backgrounds are welcome to join the fashion contest and showcase their talent. Good luck and have fun!

The winner of the contest is :

Tutti Frutti (22 Aug - 22 Sep) 2 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

Contest winners

Winners not yet picked!

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