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Valentine’s Day (February 2016)

*** This contest has ended! ***


Dear fashion designers, are you ready to create the most romantic and beautiful design for Valentine’s day? We all love the spirit of this day – let’s make it even more special with a unique dress! Think girly, romantic, ruffles, pink, purple, hearts, sweets, love, sexy !
Each contestant can upload up to 5 designs. The end date for the contest is 29th of February.
**** we have new rules for voting and choosing a winner. Please read the VOTES & WINNER tab

You can vote once every 24 hours for the designs that you like. Use Facebook to invite your friends to support your entry and get more votes!
The winner will be picked among the 10 most voted designs personally by Teya Bozhilova.

Here is the criteria:

  • Original pose of the model – 1pt
  • Correct face and body proportions -2pt
  • Original and interesting design – 3pt
  • Harmonious and original color choices – 1pt
  • Pattern design – 1pt
  • Accessories & addons -1pt
  • Theme related background – 1pt
  • Number of votes by the other users -3pt


cupThe contestant with the most votes will receive a hand picked set of drawing materials – papers, glitter, pens, pencils and more!


Dear designers, with so many beautiful creations it is an extremely really hard task to judge. You are all so talented gifted and creative! However the winner may only be one. As announced I am judging only the 10 sketches that have received the most votes and the winner is picked following strict criteria.
The most liked by the visitors design received 3 bonus points.
Finalists TableAnd the winner is……….. Annabella !!!!
Congratulations, dear ! You will be contacted on the provided email in the following days.

Aleksanda – you participated with two sketches and they were both very beautiful. You have very original design ideas and professional level of presenting them Great job!

Anita – your amazing illustration captured the hearts of so many visitors. Very feminine and seductive design. We hope to see you around again!

Hawi– you know what you’re doing – the level of your work is great and the amount of detail you put – incredible.

Ana – your sketch was like a fresh air.  Showing the back view was a great idea and the design you showed – classy and stylish

Thank you to all the participants. I hope you are having fun with these contests!  They are a showroom where we share our love for designing – please let’s keep it  a nice and positive place and draw something colorful for the next contest in March!

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  1. Dear Maiiaka,

    All the contestants here share the same passion and dreams. They are people who have the courage to share their dreams and reveal their heart in front of strangers.
    Dislike button is not something that is in line with the idea to encourage and support talented people.
    I Draw Fashion is a place of love and support and we’d love to keep it this way.


  2. hi, Teya,
    can you please change it, so we can not only like, but also dislike the images

  3. Hello Gopa,

    From what I see you have 2 entries in the contest. Do you have other designs that you faced difficulties to upload?


  4. Hello,

    Don’t worry, just email your name, entry and the correct description and we’ll change it for you :)

  5. Teya! I gave the wrong description for my first design….What to do????

  6. How long time it will take to see my design on the gallery of valantine’s day contest?

    I upload my design but I haven’t found it on gallery. During upload I got a massage saying that “you have already submit the design”. But I have submit it just one time.

  7. its okay, I uploaded with my another email)))

  8. Ok thanks Teya!! :D

  9. The email provided is invalid, please check and try again.

    What does it means? :(

  10. Dear Aleksandra,

    Please resubmit with the correct email and your first entry will be deleted soon after.


  11. I wrote incorrect email. Can i delete my image?

  12. Hi Annabella,
    Thanks for asking. This means that a design will get 3 additional points in case it was the most liked by the people who voted.


  13. What do you mean by “Number of voices by the other users” :D

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