The perfect summer dress

Fashion designing contest the perfect summer dress-expired

[fv_countdown contest_id=15 count_to=upload] About Do you love the summer? The sun☀, the beach, 🏝 and the waves 🌊 are always such a big inspiration for the creative people! In the …

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What Tablet Do you Use?

what tablet do you use for fashion sketches digital

Many of you who are interested in digital fashion illustration and are researching the tools and equipment that other artists use. All that I use to draw my fashion sketches …

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Which APP do you use?

Which app do you use to draw your fahsion sketches?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Which program do you use to draw?” My favorite app that I use every day is called 👉 Clip Studio …

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Classy Holidays

Fashion Designing contest Classy hodidays

[fv_countdown contest_id=14 count_to=upload] Can you see it? Holidays are just around the corner. Everybody loves them and wants to look as beautiful and glamorous than ever. So once again before …

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