Fashion Sketches Tutorials

How to draw afro hair

how to draw african hairstyle step by step tutorial for fashion design sketches

Depending on your collection you might want to play with the skin color of your models. Drawing beautiful black girls can’t go without the skill of drawing gorgeous afro hairstyle. …

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How to draw sneakers


As a fashion designer or illustrator one should be capable of drawing different types of shoes. Drawing beautiful high heels will not always be the best option for every design. …

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How to draw a man

how to draw men in fashion sketches walking pose step by step tutorial

Drawing the man figure and designing menswear can appear challenging at first sight, but once you master the step-by-step technique in this tutorial it will be nothing but fun. You …

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How to draw chains


Accessories are very essential when drawing a fashion sketch. They are able to completely change the feel of your design and bring uniqueness to it. In this step by step …

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Draw front view of shoes

how to draw front view shoes

[Accessories and especially shoes are very important for a successful fashion sketch. In this step by step tutorial you will learn how to draw high heels and other types of …

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Color using markers

coloring with copic markers for fashion sketches tutorial step by step cover

How to color your fashion sketches? Which one is the best rendering technique to achieve professional looking illustrations quickly and easily? In this tutorial you will learn the basics of …

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How to draw a bag


Drawing the proper fashion accessories will bring life and style to your designs. Always make sure that you think of the best possible presentation of the clothes you are creating …

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