Fashion Sketches Tutorials

How to draw a crown

how to draw a crown stepby step tutorial cover

This “how to draw a crown” tutorial will teach you a quick technique to draw this beautiful head accessory. Your fashion illustrations will become flirty and royal looking in few …

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How to draw arms


In this tutorial you will learn to draw arms in a few easy to follow steps. Understanding how to properly draw the arms and the legs can dramatically improve your …

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How to draw a belt

how to draw a belt tutorial step by step cover

Learn how to draw a belt step-by-step tutorial. Fashion accessories like proper bags, shoes, belts and jewelries can make or break your sketch. Understanding how to draw accessories will open …

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How to draw boots

how to draw boots tutorial

Learning how to draw boots might be very useful for designing your winter collections and developing some great-looking fashion sketches. Follow this step-by step tutorial and find out an easy …

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How to draw the eyes


Drawing eyes for fashion illustration differs in various ways from drawing realistic ones. You need to make the eye shape enlonged and with less details. Adding eyes and face details …

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How to draw a bracelet

how to draw a bracelet

How to draw fashion accessories is one of the most asked questions related to fashion illustration. There is no doubt that choosing the right fashion accessories can improve the impact …

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How to draw legs

how to draw legs step by step tutorial cover

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw beautiful long legs for your fashion illustrations. The understanding of fashion legs proportions will add a lot to the clothes you …

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How to use Outlines


Why do we need the outlines? Fashion illustrations need outlines, because without them drawings often look somehow undefined and unfinished. Outlines help the drawing stands out and keep viewer ‘s …

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How to draw a smile

Draw a smile index

Let’s learn how to draw a smile! Facial expressions are very important for the impact the illustration creates. Giving your model a beautiful and  warm features will make the viewer …

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