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Fashion Sketchpads

If you like using I Draw Fashion’s figure templates, you will fall in love with our new themed fashion sketchpads.
I Draw Fashion Sketchpads come loaded with over 100 croqui templates in each book. The figures are in our signature style – nice and realistic proportions, beautiful faces and gorgeous hairstyles. Of course, if you prefer just body outlines without face and hair details – we have each pose in 2 additional styles for you.
All poses are unique and can’t be found for free at the website. The sketchbooks measure 8.5 x 11 in and the templates are drawn in light gray color so that you can easily sketch your designs over them.
The full collection is available worldwide at

Ligerie and swimwear fashion sketchpad for designers
Lingerie and Swimwear
Explore our exclusive collection of sexy and hyper-realistic swimsuit design templates. Draw your irresistible lingerie designs and breath-taking swimsuits with this special selection of sexy figure templates. 

Equestrian templates for fashion book
Drive your inspiration for equestrian fashion with our equestrian themed templates. Featuring horses and riders, these templates are the perfect medium to help you create classic and undying styles that delivers both functionality and aesthetics.
Kids croquis book
Piece together the perfect outfit for children with this large compilation of kids’ templates. Ranging from infants to kids up to 10 years of age, these figures brings you a bit of wiggle room as you try out different styles to materials the snug, comfy and cool children’s design and style.
runway fashion croquis book
Runway Show
Create amazing fashion pieces and outfits that are fit for the runway! Bring your fashion ideas and sketches to the big leagues with these templates of figures in runway poses. Suitable for all types of designs, there are no restrictions to what you can create as these models come in front and back poses.
plus size templates book for fashion drawing
Plus Size
Draw amazing and classy plus size attires with these special selection of beautiful plus size figure templates. Let your designs showcase your ability to create and display the fact that there is beauty at every size. Mix your colours, get creative and sketch amazing designs that are simply irresistible.
shoe templates sketchpad book for designers
Shoes complete the outfit and should never be overlooked! Design unique pairs of shoes that fit perfectly with some of the amazing fashion ideas you have had. From High heels, sandals, sneakers, wedges and more, these templates brings you the perfect Croqui to style your own shoes.
Croquis sketchpad with pets
I Love Pets
Unravel the ultimate test of creativity and check out our pet fashion templates. Made with a large catalogue of human templates with pets, you get to match the style of the pet with unique, inspired and original designs. Own the canvass and create your illustrations with our large collections of figures with a wide variety of pets (snake, parrot, cat and more)
Back view poses book with templates for fashion drawing
Back View
Draw outstanding back views of some of your best fashion ideas and outfits. Exclusively created to help you perfect your back finishing, these templates are well suited to give emphasis on what the back view of your favorite designs should look like. Get to work on sketching outstanding back designs and pay attention to the smallest of details.
Classic fashion drawing book with figure templates
Featuring a wide range of templates from all kinds of collection, this sketchbook give you the perfect canvass to create classic sketches. Filled with figures in front, back and side poses, you get to draw amazing designs that illustrates your ability to create outstanding looks with nothing but your imagination.

Pregnant templates fashion sketchpad book
Get creative with maternity wear and fashion ideas using these templates of beautiful pregnant figures. In this special selection, you will find realistic pregnant figure templates that you can use to design maternity clothes and collections with ease. Don’t just reinvent the wheel, create your own unique styles and sketch refreshing designs that have never been seen. Nothing is off limits!
Group croquis templates fashion sketchpad
Ideal for presenting whole collections, this special edition features templates of models in groups of 2 or 3. Here, you can mix, match and build group designs while showing variety in colourful ways. See how well you can pair up your designs by creating collective sketches that are both fashionable and stylish.

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