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How to draw makeup

how to draw makeup in fashion design sketches tutoial index

Learning how to draw makeup right can have a dramatic effect on your fashion illustrations. There are many different ways to draw makeup, but in this tutorial you will find …

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How to draw profile face

how to draw a profile face step by step tutorial cover

Learning how to draw profile faces for your fashion sketches and illustrations will give you more options in designing your new collections. Interesting model poses is one of the things …

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How to draw sexy lips


Drawing beautiful, seductive open lips on your fashion sketches is going to add mystery and sex appeal to your designs. It will “sell your idea” and isn’t this what fashion …

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How to draw the eyes


Drawing eyes for fashion illustration differs in various ways from drawing realistic ones. You need to make the eye shape elongeted and with fewer details. Drawing beautiful eyes and face …

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How to draw a smile

Draw a smile index

Let’s learn how to draw a smile! Facial expressions are very important for the impact the illustration creates. Giving your model a beautiful and  warm features will make the viewer …

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